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  1. phatsmall

    2018 KX250F shutting down

    If with the electrical couplers everything is normal you should not face any problems in hard rain or washing the bike with water pressure. But if you have such a problem with a bad sealed coupler you will face such an issue doesn't matter you ride in rain or not. I believe the mechanic at the official dealer's shop knows better. It is also strange you don't have flash showing a code..... Have they tried to connect it to diagnostic tool?
  2. phatsmall

    Which Ignition Covers will fit a 2011

    That is what you need to know.
  3. phatsmall

    2018 KX250F shutting down

    It is always good to check all the electrical couplers for water or dirt and use only suitable contact spray (never use WD40 or similar).
  4. phatsmall

    250f choice

    I have Kx250F 2013 for almost 2 years now and have about 60-70 hours on it - no issues. (I had a couple of surgeries in the same period and didn't have the chance to ride all the time ) My front forks are replaced with pneumatic ones from KX450F 2013, so I'm not able to give feedback for the stock forks. Positive: - start very easy - my nephew is 8 years old and he is able to start it - very powerful as for 250 cc - feels very light in weight - very compact around the fuel tank and radiators - gives better feeling when cornering - 3 maps - if couplers are not available with the bike you can get them brand new for about 20 Euros (in Bulgaria) - if brakes are well maintained I find them very good (I updated the front rotor to oversized one, but I think I don't find that big difference) I think first two points are because of the 2 injectors available for that bike Negative: - even it starts easy, I do prefer to have el. starter - you need to use the choke every start of the reace day - it is annoying for me to have fuel injected engine with manual choke. - in general all the 250cc of Kawasaki in the last years are kind a noisy at idle speed ( you will notice that only the first 2-3 rides) In general I'm happy with the bike and only the el. starter is something I really need and would change the bike because of that. I hope that gives you some points and general idea, good luck!
  5. phatsmall

    2017 Kx250f fork leak

    I'm always negative about cleaning the seals of the forks. Once I see leakage, for me that means it is time for maintanance. Please pay attention if you have smooth stem, carefully check for dents and if you have any, just fix it and proceed. If you have dent on the stem(and you don't fix it) and replace the seals, it will leak again.
  6. phatsmall

    2014 Kx 250f issues

    Hey MarcusDude, I have kx250f 2013 and that is the 3rd Kawasaki for me, so your bike is similar to mine and pretty known for me. 1. Sucking sound: I hear the same from my bike mainly when I'm on the left side - where the hole for the air is placed. That is absolutely normal. Just your engine gets air every stroke. There is a very little opportunity for a problem, as there are no that much places where it could suck air. 2. The sound you mentioned from the clutch: I have the same and believe me - every single dirt bike has the same (more or less). A few months ago I was on almost brand new Yamaha Yz450F and it has the same . 3. Engine turn off when you go to 1st gear: try to find out if your clutch works correctly when the engine is off. Just shift to 1st gear, pull the clutch and try to move the bike - so you will find out if the clutch is disengaged. Check really carefully the clutch cable - remove it if needed. Note that the oil is very important for the clucth function - check this as well and oil change is also an option. Btw about the sound of Kawasaki Kx250F after 2010 you can check some other topics in this forum and also youtube. Please share the result.
  7. phatsmall

    expected lifespan of top end

    Haha, hey radio592, did you get the info you need? You have answers from 3 to 110 hours and probably all are correct from a their point of view. I would agree with freds4, it all depends on the rider, there is no universal answer (for non-profesional riders). If you are Villopoto, please refer to the manual 100% You must create your own feeling/habits with time and do your regular maintanance, as per your experience. p.s. I have pro riders around me with only one bike(250cc four stroke) for practicing and race. Most of them once a year/season do change crankshaft, piston, piston rings and timing chain, some times valves
  8. phatsmall

    2012 Kx250f

    I would check the chain itslef, chain slack and sliders, if they are ok don't pay attention.
  9. phatsmall

    Kx250f burning oil?

    In general I agree with Face, but before doing repairs I would advice to change the oil 1-2 times in short term, jut to be sure that everything with oil itself is fine.
  10. phatsmall

    KXF Engine Noise normal?

    My kx250f 2013 also sounds a bit noisy to me, but it is the same in the last 60 hours - no change. I little ticking of the valves could be if they are little loose, but that is not a problem at all. Be noted that the sounds recorded and posted in YouTube aro not that real, so when you want to compare this is not the best way.
  11. phatsmall

    Bike fell over in the dirt - several issues now

    The HOT START works only when it is hot and you have to provide a little more air to start the bike easier. But when it is full of fuel(for some reson) and you open the throttle, the carb is fully open for air and it helps to clean the cylinder. The most important is that degreaser has working bike.
  12. phatsmall

    Clutch seal? Leaking I suppose (help/Advice

    You have to : - open the clutch cover and remove the bolts of the clutch 92153 - remove the plate-clutch operating - 13187-007 Then the rod-push 13116 will be free and you will be able to take out the release-comp-clutch13102, also to replace the seal.
  13. Start it wothout cap and check what is going on in the raditator and coolant.
  14. phatsmall

    KX250F 2013 oil consumption

    What you described sound the same like mine. I will probably use 1000ml every time when I change the oil and will be fine. But as I have no smoke from the exhaust also no loss of power I will not do any repair at the moment.
  15. phatsmall

    Bike fell over in the dirt - several issues now

    If you want to take the fuel out of the cylinder, just fully open the throttle(and keep it) and kick the bike several times. It will squirt some fuel only the first time, but after that a lot of air will come in and will clean it. if it doesn't start you could ask some one to push you and you try to go to 2nd gear and start it. If the problem is fuel in the cylinder, the above will help.