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  1. phatsmall

    KXF Engine Noise normal?

    My kx250f 2013 also sounds a bit noisy to me, but it is the same in the last 60 hours - no change. I little ticking of the valves could be if they are little loose, but that is not a problem at all. Be noted that the sounds recorded and posted in YouTube aro not that real, so when you want to compare this is not the best way.
  2. phatsmall

    Bike fell over in the dirt - several issues now

    The HOT START works only when it is hot and you have to provide a little more air to start the bike easier. But when it is full of fuel(for some reson) and you open the throttle, the carb is fully open for air and it helps to clean the cylinder. The most important is that degreaser has working bike.
  3. phatsmall

    Clutch seal? Leaking I suppose (help/Advice

    You have to : - open the clutch cover and remove the bolts of the clutch 92153 - remove the plate-clutch operating - 13187-007 Then the rod-push 13116 will be free and you will be able to take out the release-comp-clutch13102, also to replace the seal.
  4. Start it wothout cap and check what is going on in the raditator and coolant.
  5. phatsmall

    KX250F 2013 oil consumption

    What you described sound the same like mine. I will probably use 1000ml every time when I change the oil and will be fine. But as I have no smoke from the exhaust also no loss of power I will not do any repair at the moment.
  6. phatsmall

    Bike fell over in the dirt - several issues now

    If you want to take the fuel out of the cylinder, just fully open the throttle(and keep it) and kick the bike several times. It will squirt some fuel only the first time, but after that a lot of air will come in and will clean it. if it doesn't start you could ask some one to push you and you try to go to 2nd gear and start it. If the problem is fuel in the cylinder, the above will help.
  7. phatsmall

    Stock header material ?

    Quote from the past: I had the same problem with my previous bike. I have a friend welder and he welded it with wedling machine with argon gas. He did the same many times with the header pipes of dirt bikes. If you can push the pipe and make the crack smaller it could be welded without adding additional material(titanium). If the crack is bigger you have add additional material during the welding. 100cm of titanuim wire in Bulgaria costs about 50 euro. Do not try to weld it with material different than titanuim, it will be cracked after the first use!
  8. phatsmall

    Kx450f clitch bearing

    Hey all of my bike I had were the same as you mentioned - different sound when I pull the clutch lever. Also friend of mine bought YZ450F, 15-20 hours from new and I was on the bike for a few minutes only, but I noticed the same. So my advice is ride more, do not stay at iddle rpm and you will hear it any more
  9. phatsmall

    Weird oil probably on kx250f

    I have a few questions for you: - did you try to start the bike for a minute, then turno it off. Leave it for a few minutes on a stand and then check again the oil level? - did you try to change the oil? - did you try to drain the oil and check the amount of oil you really have in the engine? p.s. don't forget that Kawasaki window for oil level is known issue for all Kawasaki owners. You can check and will find many topics related with that issue (it is not real issue). Also I'm sure that even a brand new bike will have some smoke on sunlight (or kind a smoke) from the exhaust system when you rev it up to the limiter.
  10. phatsmall

    KX250F 2013 oil consumption

    My purpose is to compare with other bikes and find out if it is acceptable. Till now I understand it is acceptable.
  11. phatsmall

    KX250F 2013 oil consumption

    Valve seals and valves have been changed. But once again, what is your oil consumption for 10 hours?
  12. phatsmall

    2017 kx250f clutch problem?

    If I understand correctly the clutch is slipping and in the last lap was tottaly f****d. Check the clutch cable set up and you must have some free move - just 1-2 mm, otherwise it could cause slipping. If the clutch cable set up is OK you have to open the clutch cover and inspect all the parts in there - if you are not experienced, please check you tube for videos(just for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eqg4OqRmHOs&t=210s) Take out all disks - metal and friction discs. Check carefully the metal discs if they are bended or worn out. But really detailed check on flat glass or something like this. If you find even one bad disc - replace all of them. Check the friction discs and if you see dark/black disc or worn out discs . If even one is dark or worn, please replace all of them. In case you have black discs or bended discs, you probably have to replace the springs as well as they will not do the job any more. Also if you have slipping clutch, it is absolutely mandatory to replace the oil and filter (as least once). Once everything is OK, carefully assemble the clutch and I suggest you to use torque wrench for all the bolts - it should be about 9 - 10 Nm. If you have any doubts, check again in the video or post you question and wait for reply.
  13. phatsmall

    Renthal 997 twin wall position

    What about the numbers on the handlebar?
  14. phatsmall

    Renthal 997 twin wall position

    I have Kx250F 13' with Renthal 997. When I replaced the stock one I din't remember the default position of the handlebar. I tried to estimate it and put it back, forward, again back and again forward..... So now I'm a bit confused. I know it is personal setting, but could you please give me some starting point to use. I'm 184cm and use standard seat, footpegs etc. I would apreciate your help, as now I'm not sure how to proceed.
  15. phatsmall

    KX250F 2013 oil consumption

    New piston rings would be nice to be replaced. Note that about 3/4 of the hours are on trial riding - to start riding after my ACL surgery. What I understand from all the people around me and the info in Google is that oil consumption is about a normal.