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    Help controlling yz250 in the woods?

    +1 Granted obvious problems that affect safety or require urgent maintenance need to be addressed right off. But the key words are "obvious", "safety" and "require urgent maintenance". You'll learn a lot about you and the bike if you give it some time in the saddle. I'm a new rider and probably have 15-20 hrs over the last 4 yrs. Yeah, I know... Started on a CRF250X loaner and (now) ride a 2001 YZ250 2-stroke. Different riding experience. The "lazy" nature of a 4 stroke did allow me to learn riding offroad easier (especially climbing) but I came from a street/track background with 600cc race bikes, so I love 2 stroke punch. There were times I almost launched myself into trees or crashed due to too much throttle. Lol. That said, if you feel you must change things, some of the EASIER 'quick fix' suggestions I would follow and no more: ride a gear higher, use richer jetting. These are the changes I would recommend. They are quick to make AND revert while you put in the seat time to learn HOW to ride a 2 stroke on the trails. The fww and throttle suggestion sound good too, but $$$...? Edit: I do my own tooling and some fabrication, which is the main reason I went with a 2 stroke. To date, I've rebuilt the top end, changed out the wheel/suspension/swingarm/linkage bearings, changed fork seals, rebuilt carb and experimented with summer/winter jettings. For a while, 30-kick starts and spooge everywhere were things I found frustrating but thought were normal. Now I know better.
  2. virtualsolitude

    Lightweight dirt bike for adult woman

    After reading the Thumperette forum, I have to agree with a comment made there: Bike selection is much, much more dependent on riding preference than on size, weight, riding ability, riding experience or gender.
  3. virtualsolitude

    Lightweight dirt bike for adult woman

    polyniki, did you ever decide on a final bike or do a test ride yet? And Buttegal, any update on your test ride? After reading this thread, I'm looking at the XT and the KTM freeride for the same reasons (for my daughter who is 5'4"). I found this web page for the XT (below). It's a brief summary of highlights along with pics but "answers the mail" so to speak: http://www.betausa.com/content/beta-xtrainer My daughter has only ridden the Honda CRF bikes. She doesn't have any fear but also hasn't been in those situations you described (u-turns/narrow tracks, etc) nor thought about what kind of ride she prefers. So, from the 110, 125 and 150, they were each 2 inches taller, incrementally. She felt the 150 was 'super tall'. Had to lean to plant a foot but it had e-start. And, imo, she could get used to the 150. I ride a yz250 2-stroke. I'm 5'7" (150lbs). While it's tall in some situations and, when I'm tired at the end of the day, I need to use more effort (for u-turns, pushing, kickstarting), I'm guessing I'm a little stronger than you *smile* and my 250 is not a problem at all. I love my 250, btw. But the XT (in the link above) is what I might go with if I had to choose and had the budget. Good luck (and good fun)!
  4. virtualsolitude

    Frame upgrade project...pics

    Hello all. Long-time lurker. First-time poster. This 'frame upgrade' thread (started by mxjosh) is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Been thinking it would be nice to upgrade without buying a whole 'nother bike. Not that there's anything wrong with owning more than one bike! I have a steel YZ250 2-stroke. It's a 2001, so I'll have to compare specs with the 2003 model to see if an AF upgrade will be as seamless. For those who find this useful, I outlined all the things that mxjosh did plus a few things from others who chimed in to help mxjosh. Linkage - Need 2005 linkage - 2005 linkage (wishbone) is slightly wider than 2003 linkage - 2003 linkage will have some free play in the swingarm - Need 2005 linkage bolt (2003 bolt bigger in diameter) Swingarm - Use existing 2003 swingarm - 2003 swingarm bolt is slightly shorter but tightens up fine Subframe - diff part numbers for 2003 and 2005 subframes - but existing 2003 steel subframe SHOULD fit in 2005 aluminum frame - - since 2003 and 2005 subframes match and mount up perfecly - mxjosh use a TI subframe that he had Plastics - important plastic pieces haven't changed since 2002 - Front fender and number plate different between 2003 and 2005 - Only number plate needs to be mod Suspension - use existing 2003 suspension - upper shock bolt is flat on one side (for AF) - standard bolt head (steel frame) on upper bolt (file it down?) Places to order parts - 2wheelpros.com (OEM parts) - ebay (parts and part-outs) Motor - Used a 2006 motor but says a 2003 motor isn't any different - motor is the same per mxjosh - motor mount points are the same - mxjosh had a 2006 engine in a 2005 AL frame? Exhaust - Header pipe nearly touches radiator hose coming from water pump - Use Dupli Color (hi temp) engine paint to clear coat the pipe - Use spacer (item #12 COLLAR Part#90387-08030-00) for 2005 model - located on the front exhaust mount (AF bikes only) - Looking at the pipe from the front of the bike: - with this spacer/collar installed - should rotate the pipe clock wise away from the hose - and towards the radiators Steering - rake is steeper on 2006 - steering stops (on fork) hit the frame (file/grind them down as needed) Electrics - CDI mounts up by the radiator instead of over the powervalve. - The coil moves down where the CDI mounted on the steel frame. - Other wiring is similar - 2006 motor - use a metal bracket to mount coil (for better ground) - rubber sleeve for CDI is different Cost - $400 for frame - $50 for linkage - $60 for TI linkage bolt - $5 for ground mount for coil - $5 for rubber sleeve for CDI - $10 for upper shock bolt Happy Holidays everyone.