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    05 TTR 125 cuts off when riding

    Kill switch wires are good. I found a tube off the carb. I haven't had the chance to ride it again
  2. What are good replacement carbs for and 05 and 08 ttr-125? I've been told not to buy a cheap Chinese one and that OEMs are $300 and not so great either. Any suggestions or can I just rebuild them and move on?
  3. brianGman

    TRR 125 problems

    I suggest a new pet cock valve gasket. When you remove the cut off knob, it looks like a smiley face. Your tank is leaking into the carb and sounds like the float needle is sticking open some and causing it to flood. The exhaust smoke is the fuel burning off. I had a similar problem and this fixed it. Do what it says above. If you buy a new peacock buy an OEM. You get what you pay for.
  4. brianGman

    05 TTR 125 cuts off when riding

    My son was riding the other day and said his bike quit and was out of gas. We pushed it back to the house and then I realized it had plenty of gas. He tried to start it again, ran it a few minutes and it cut out again and would not restart. His bike seemed to suddenly bog down like when you run the gas out of the carb. I've cleaned the carb recently (several times overall) and replaced the float needle and the o-rings. We are riding in TN so altitude is not an issue. What's up with this bike?