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  1. I didn't think so. It was very dark though. I can supply pictures of that later today.
  2. I did change the oil and filter as well. I have another 2 quarts so I'll change it once again today and post updates! It does sound like that could be an issue. Haven't been able to ride it. It's idling too high, rough, and dying after any throttle is applied. Any tweaking the throttle lower results in a faster dead bike. I'll replace the oil again, I've got more than enough to throw around. It seems like everything should be okay but it just isn't.
  3. Alright, petcock has no identifying markings on it so no clue what kind it is. I attached a picture below to show that I do not have a PRI position. I believe I have fixed the float valve issue as I am no longer having to worry about a hydrolocked engine, nor is fuel backing up into my airbox. I reseated everything inside the float bowl and finally got my hands on carb cleaner and went to town. Pilot jet was thoroughly cleaned and replaced and an O-Ring is on the way, however this one seems to still be in working order. I left a blue shop towel propped up against the cylinder head overnight and nothing weeped out. The fuel delivery should be all sorted now. I believe I hydrolocked it by not being familiar with this petcock and the float needle got stuck. So that's issue #1 checked off. #2, is why it's so hard to start after running briefly. #3, why does it kill itself after the engine revs. I took the battery off a tender and tried starting it this morning. It fired right up and I left it to sit at idle for 5 minutes. During this time I could totally hear fluctuations in the idle. Nothing crazy severe but I don't think that's exactly normal. I then gave it gas and let it run through the paces. About 30 seconds after that it began wanting to die until finally it just puttered out and stopped. I then could not start it again. Any clue why that might be happening? Also, thanks to all of you for the input!
  4. DRZ not starting DRZ dying Sorry for the shoddy camera work.
  5. Okay! So I will upload a picture of the petcock asap. There is definitely an off position. It's a CA bike but let's assume it's aftermarket. Fuel was flowing freely while at the On/Res settings. Tank is being hooked up correctly so no trouble there. Checked coolant and there's a slight film on top, no bubbling or anything when the bike idles. Disconnected spark plug and held it against the head while starting, there's a great spark. The plug does come out wet but I can't tell how normal that is. Decided to try to jump it as we started and see what the results were. It seemed like it was just on the tip of running and the head got warm for ~15 minutes until finally it ran and idled in neutral. Clutch in, shift to first gear and it putters out and dies. And again. Doesn't want to start. I'll upload a video of that when I can. Internet sucks in a snow storm. White puffs from exhaust may just have been condensation burning away. It stopped doing that after it started again.
  6. Alright. So I'm now at a loss. Bike fired up and idled, and died as soon as it went into gear, refusing to start up again. Every time I try to start it, a puff of smoke comes out the exhaust but nothing catches. Just stuck in a starting loop. It has overheated once, but that was months ago. Could that be coming back to bite me in the ass? The cylinder head gets hot and again started to trickle out of the weep hole, except it isn't fuel coming out now. I feels more like oil. Fuel is no longer overflowing into the cylinder but I'm afraid I have damaged the head gasket with all the issues. So waiting for the head to cool off, double checking the coolant, and I guess I'm just going from there. I can take everything apart if it's easy enough. I've got time aplenty. The smoke doesn't seem to have a color because it's not pumping out a significant volume. So I can't tell if its coolant, oil, or fuel. Petcock does not allow any flow when off and when a vacuum is applied. O-Ring is probably the issue but I didn't have any spares laying around.
  7. Alright good to know! That sounds like a simple fix. Is there an upgrade I can do instead of replacing it with another stock petcock? Cam cover is coming off and I'll post pictures. The motor being drowned in fuel sounds like that's exactly whats happening! "
  8. So I replaced the spark plug with a new one, threw the battery on a tender. Put half a cap full of oil on the spark plug, battery back in and tried starting. It fired up and died out after about 15 seconds. Tried it again and it idled well, choke on and off. The weep hole pushed out oil when I replaced the long black cap, but has not pushed any more gas/oil out. I'm going to try it again tomorrow with the gas line disconnected overnight see if it is hydrolocking with gas or oil instead of both.
  9. Ah shoot. Okay where should I go from here?
  10. Awesome! Got over to the shop and changed the oil today. Oil came out smelling like gas so I replaced the filter as well. I'm using 10w-40 because that's what the original owner was using but that shouldn't matter right? So pulled the carb off again, opened it and reseated the needle and float. Reinstalling the carb and no fuel leaked from any connections. I haven't tried leaving the petcock open and seeing if the cylinder fills with gas again but I'll try that tonight and see what happens. Tried starting it and it sounded like it wanted to go but just never did. Going to pull the spark plug and check it, battery tested right at 12.5V. There was still gasoline (definitely gasoline) being pushed out of the spark plug drain hole every time it tried to start which makes me feel like the spark plug is too wet to spark right? I don't think it's my head gasket because my coolant doesn't smell strange and doesn't bubble when cranking so I don't think it's entering my engine. I'll take pictures when I can, my hands were covered in oil so none this time. Thanks for any input! My petcock lets gas flow freely when it's disconnected and set at the Open and Reserve positions. That's working as normal right? What prevents the gas from leaving the carb and entering the cylinder when it's not supposed to?
  11. Okay! Good to know. Spark plug is installed correctly and the seal on top is seated well. It's not slippery or thick, so I would assume that I can eliminate oil. Coolant in the radiators is still full. It feels, smells, and looks like gasoline. I really hope it isn't something significant like in my engine. I'll try to access the head later today. The bike was running roughly and didn't want to idle. Plus the original owner let it sit for quite a while before I picked it up. I'm going to reopen the bike and try to test some of the carb's failure points. The needles inside could be getting jammed right? How would I test the petcock to see if it's leaking into the carb? It doesn't trickle when the tank is taken off so can I assume it's working as intended, right? Am I getting into "Let the pro's do it" territory?
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  13. Gotcha! Will do thanks!
  14. Woah! Thank you for your reply and you were absolutely right. The motor turned freely and didn't feel stuck, maybe sluggish but I don't have anything to compare it to. I removed the spark plug assembly and all, tried the starter and a massive amount of fuel shot out the spark plug hole. I let that run it's course before inserting the spark plug again and reconnecting the gas tank and lines. After doing so, it turns over and cranks but sounds and feels lethargic. Still no start but that was a massive step forward! I attached the "weep" hole I mentioned earlier below. Small spurts seem to come from this hole now, much less than before.