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  1. tuning up a honda xl125. 1975

  2. JohnVan

    Modding/restoring a 1975 xl125

    I have the same bike, but I cannot figure out how to get the thing to go over 40 mph. I am not a mechanic at all so I always brought it to a mechanic who would tune it for me. The bike would do 60 to 65 mph when he was done tuning it. He died last year and I have had to go to bike shops in the chicago land area to get it tuned up. Not one of them can get it to do over 40 mph. They all follow the manuals and they cannot get it figured out. Any advice? I love the bike. Note: replaced the carb with a new one and the gas tank is clean as them come. Also, the clutch plates were replaced. I really do not believe that the issue is with the carb. When it is tuned up correctly it makes a ticking sound. Thanks, John
  3. 1975 Honda xl 125, Unable to get the bike to go over 40 mph. Sent to 2 different shops and no luck. Bought a new Carb and it did not make a difference. Any Idea's?????