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  1. thrllskr

    Random limit at 2500-3000 rpm...sometimes

    Updated again for future trouble shooting. The problem showed up again after the wire was fixed. Ultimately, I replaced the CDI unit and it runs normal again. Conclusion, if you have a magneto/stator problem most likely it damaged the CDI.
  2. thrllskr

    Random limit at 2500-3000 rpm...sometimes

    The problem was the pink wire at the connection to the pin in the jack on the stator side. Hard wired the connection because the pin would not come out. Symptoms were no spark above 3200 rpm on secondary pickup coil (o-scope verified this). Would not want to start after it had died when wide open throttle. Took 10-15 kicks to get it started again. Problem solved. Starts first kick every time again and I can rev it to max rpm.
  3. thrllskr

    Random limit at 2500-3000 rpm...sometimes

    I pulled apart the stator jack located on the top tube and checked the coil resistance. Everything was fine. Went back to double check the readings and found the secondary coil pickup was "open." I pulled off the stator cover to check continuity on the wire. Continuity good. Placed leads back on jack and kept an eye on the readings as I jiggled the wire down near the flywheel... loose wire connection at stator unit. I need to order a flywheel puller. You pointed me in the right direction @krannie. Will post more as I move along.
  4. 2000 WR400. Has been running great for months. Everything is stock except for the jets. I was riding one day on some trails here in Colorado. Day 1 I stopped the bike and took a break for 10 minutes. Started it back up and the bike had no power. It will take off with the clutch and 1500 rpm and then it just boggs out with throttle. If I full throttle it and hold, the bike just dies. It does backfire and is running super super lean and quickly overheats. I managed to limp back to the truck. Day 2 Pull the carb, and cleaned everything (new gaskets, new valves, seems to be working). Pulled the cap, adjusted the valves, checked the plug. Start it up. Same problem...boggs down to throttle response and then dies. It will idle just fine. Day 3 Pull the exhaust off and check the gasket (good), pull the petcock off (good), check the gas cap (good), Fuel line to carb(good). Start it up, same issue. Day 4 New boot between carb and engine intake. Check for leaks. Start it up same problem. Notice a slight oil leak at the bolt that holds the decompression lever. Pull the bolt out, add a new washer. Starts up and run perfect. Day 5 I ride like a madman for 5 hours straight and not a single problem. Day 6 Assume the bike is good. Head out to the trails things are great. Take a break for 2-3 minutes. Start it up...bogging down again with throttle. Sit for a few minutes, start it up and it runs fine for 3-4 hours. Take a break again, start it up...bogging down and I manage to limp back to the car. Get home, start it up and it runs like a champ Ideas? Seems the trend is that when it gets hot and I take a break it has the bog syndrome. Some of mine...overheating is my first thought? But, is there an associated problem with the overheating?
  5. thrllskr

    WR250r not starting after a 2 week rest

    Flooded? And when you are trying to start it...it is getting flooded, have you done a compression test? Might be mixture of the EFI..
  6. Ahhh thanks. That is helpful. I am missing some parts inside the carb. It just needs work [emoji30]
  7. I plan on replacing both diaphragms and the rings in the entire carb. Since I have the entire thing apart I might as well just spend them money and eliminate those possible problems.
  8. I just bought a bike with a Keihin carb on it. I was having idle issues and it would bog down when starting off if I gave it too much gas. When I started out slow the bike would bog down a bit and sorta pull and jerk then it would just take off and I would hold on for my life. A few times I would bounce the forks and give it some gas to pop the front wheel off...well one time the bike completely died and I didn't have the clutch in...flew over the handle bars and rag dolled it hahaha. So, I guess I better find the problem. I took the carb out and pulled it all apart. The carb is relatively clean so I started inspecting parts. Aha I think I might have found the problem. But, I need some help to confirm that this diaphragm is indeed bad and that this is the cause of a problem. Before I order the 25-30$ part give me some input please. The diaphragm is on tHe bottom of the float bowl.
  9. thrllskr

    Left Side Stator CrankCase Cover

    I think I will just JB weld it. I did order one off ebay for $35 with shipping. From what I gathered 2000-2002 YZ426 WR426 and the 1998-2000 YZ400 YZ426 and WR400 are all interchangeable. I took a good chunk out of that cover that is at the tip of the shift lever. I think it called multiple names and have no idea what it is actually called. I got back from riding and my boot was covered with oil.
  10. Hello all, I recently bought a 2000 WR400f and I did some damage to the leftside crankcase cover. Not a common problem but, replacing it don't know if I can use a 1998-2000 from another WR400/426/450. Does anyone have an idea of what years and what models are compatible?