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  1. I have a 09 yz450f i recently picked up, took off the carb n all for maintence got most dissembled but noticed the screw that holds the lifters in on top of the plate, the previous owner stripped the head of the screw, what should i do to get it out? Thanks for the help in advance!!!!!
  2. 09_Yz_450f_14skillings

    09 yamaha yz 450 blackesh gray smoke, what's the cause?

    Thank you! Much appreciated, now could my headgasket be screwed too or?
  3. 09_Yz_450f_14skillings

    Yamaha YZ450F 2009

    Panty droppin summa bitch!
  4. 09_Yz_450f_14skillings

    Yamaha YZ450F (2009)


    Panty droppin summa bitch!
  5. I just picked up a 09 yz 450f and was firing it up, blackish Grey smoke was flowing out thick, what is wrong for this to happen, I've looked around n have seen some say valve, rings n all are &%$#@!ed, some say it could be my head gasket? After it warms up the smoke clears up, and only when I crack the throttle will it smoke, I'm not sure what it is, hopefully you guys can help, thanks in advance!