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  1. levi_cukas

    2005 kx125 graphics kits

    Hello everybody I am looking for a graphics kit for my 2005 kx125 and I am not sure what ones to get can i get pics of your graphics kits or the name of them thank you.
  2. levi_cukas

    Finally added a kx 250 to my collection

    keep us informed
  3. levi_cukas

    2005 Kx 125 plastic conversion

    ok, so your saying if i want to do other plastics i have to mod the frame and ect and also what are brackets
  4. levi_cukas

    Finally added a kx 250 to my collection

    nice im saving my money to do the same but get a power core 2 and some boyesen reeds
  5. levi_cukas

    05 KX 125

    we run 40-1 and we only get fouled sparks when going very slow and it doesnt over smoke because the oil and fuel ratio isnt super rich
  6. levi_cukas

    2002 KX250 Footpeg options

    Foot pegs can make quite a good difference in everything. I found that with my bike i can get way better balance and control with footpegs at around 4.5cm-1.5in but if your gonna do things like FMX you would want even larger footpegs. Most footpegs for sale are around that size and you can pretty much any color.
  7. levi_cukas

    Finally added a kx 250 to my collection

    are you going to mod it?
  8. Hey Guys, i ride a 2005 kx 125 and want it too look like a much newer model by converting the plastics but i am finding it really hard to get plastic conversion kits for my year model for the following reasons 1, just plain cant find them 2, bolt placements to the frame design on the plastics. I was wondering if anyone who knows or has done plastic conversions could give me links or tips on what to look for or to buy. P.S. I am aiming to look 2016. search kx125 plastic conversion and view the second photo for what I am aiming to get Levi Cukas