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  1. This is what I started with before the tear down
  2. That thing looks awesome gunters. The swing arm really looks badass. How much did it cost you to get all the powder coating done?
  3. I am tearing down and refurbishing the old CR. I am debating on weather or not to powder coat the frame or not. WHats your guys inputs?
  4. Hi guys, there is a 89 cr 250 for sale for$150 dollars with just some forks a seat some plastics expansion chamber and the sub frame and fuel tank. I was wondering what off this bike would fit onto my 95 cr 250. THX
  5. I thought that CamP said that his 2 CR's were CRF's oops
  6. I'm sorry it's and it an 07
  7. My buddy I ride with has an 06 crf 250 and he loves it
  8. Is there any reason u sold yours? Any problems with it? Any thing to watch out for?
  9. I'm not sure if I need them right now but thank you for the offer
  10. No I don't have the purple shrouds but do u know where I could get any with the retro graphics
  11. Okay thank you guys so much for the input.. I tell u what that CR is about the meanest engine ive ridden
  12. Do u know of any other forks that would fit the 95
  13. Okay did u have any problems with the suspension on your 95? I am going to have to put new seals in mine this winter. Also what would you think ab a flywheel weight. I do mostly trail riding so I thought this would be beneficial.
  14. I just picked up a 95 250 and was wondering what you guys thought ab this year, and any modifications you think would be helpful. I was looking to change the forks on the bike, are their any other years of another bike that would fit onto my CR. I was also wondering the same ab the plastics bc I have seen some cheap plastics for some 450's and didn't know if the thread would be the same. Thanks