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  1. Yea bro sure i will
  2. Lol, if it's working then it's fine until this point [emoji28]
  3. Thanks @38super [emoji106]
  4. My bike is Yz250f and I've got supermoto wheels on it that are kawasaki and its time to change the sprocket, but i have no idea what kawasaki bike are these wheels for. The sprocket has 8 bolts, other kawasaki supermoto sprocket are all 6 bolts. I just need to change the sprocket, Help plz
  5. I have just set the sag 2 hours before. Bike unloaded = 67cm 1st loaded by me = 56cm After turning the spring harder, 2nd loaded = 57.8cm So the sag before was 110mm and now its 92mm
  6. It's 2009, i will ask the owner and come back to u
  7. Hello Thats my first topic here, i have a yz250f and it looks to low in height because the previous owner is short and I'm 185cm and 65kg. If anyone can give me the perfect setup or how to get the perfect setup. Rebound, dumping and front forks.