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  1. They're excellent, I use them and prefer them over Scott and oakleys
  2. Very sad [emoji24]
  3. Op. I followed the same path, back to my roots and a lot more fun. Sold the street bikes and bought a 250&450. Back to the track and woods. More exciting and less dangerous than on the street [emoji2]
  4. I do not think you can go wrong with the 250x. Love this bike
  5. Thanks, and yes did fix after pic:)
  6. Great bike.. have fun and here is your bikes brother
  7. I added the GYTR Fww and love it. Also had race tech suspension set up for my weight and gold valves. Great bike.
  8. Soon to be 53 and just recently got back to riding picking up a 250x with my 29 year old son which picked up a KX250. Plan is to ride till I go in the ground and spend as much time as I can with my son riding in the woods and on the track. Good times...
  9. Congrats. I love mine
  10. Looks like you did great [emoji1303]
  11. Get the x!! I am still laughing on the sex with a goat
  12. Yes it is!
  13. Done and thank you! Was apart so long I could not remember!