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  1. itproca

    Wearing Glasses with goggles

    They're excellent, I use them and prefer them over Scott and oakleys
  2. itproca

    Ride in peace champ

    Very sad [emoji24]
  3. itproca

    No more quad, no more harley, just dirt bikes :)

    Op. I followed the same path, back to my roots and a lot more fun. Sold the street bikes and bought a 250&450. Back to the track and woods. More exciting and less dangerous than on the street [emoji2]
  4. itproca

    YZ250X as a trail bike

    I do not think you can go wrong with the 250x. Love this bike
  5. itproca


    Thanks, and yes did fix after pic:)
  6. itproca


    Great bike.. have fun and here is your bikes brother
  7. itproca


    I added the GYTR Fww and love it. Also had race tech suspension set up for my weight and gold valves. Great bike.
  8. itproca

    50+ year old riders?

    Soon to be 53 and just recently got back to riding picking up a 250x with my 29 year old son which picked up a KX250. Plan is to ride till I go in the ground and spend as much time as I can with my son riding in the woods and on the track. Good times...
  9. itproca


    Congrats. I love mine
  10. itproca

    Noob hitting the MX track

    Looks like you did great [emoji1303]
  11. itproca

    Old Fart New Bike

    Get the x!! I am still laughing on the sex with a goat comment......lol
  12. itproca

    Old Fart New Bike

    Yes it is!
  13. Done and thank you! Was apart so long I could not remember!