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  1. Lavern23

    Kentucky mx

    Good riding at Eagle Creek Hare Scramble Park in Corinth, KY.
  2. Lavern23

    Crf110 worth it?

    Our crf110 treated us well. Just sold it last week cause my son is ready for the next size up. It was bulletproof!
  3. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    Ended up being the pulse generator. I bought an xr250r one that had the same specs. The bike would push start but not kick start. After some looking I found the correct one and it runs like a champ. Starts easy too.
  4. Lavern23

    1984 XR350 Restoration Start

  5. Lavern23

    Honda 1983 XR 350

    Wow, that’s a really clean xr350r. Keep us posted. Here is my 84 xr350r. All original including tires.
  6. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    Thanks. I've seen those just did t know if they were trustworthy. I have always been mostly an oem parts buyer unless I was upgrading for more power and needed parts to support the others to make things work.
  7. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    A coil is the only thing I don't have extra. I'm gonna order one but do t know what to order since it's a part that has been discontinued by Honda as well. Does anyone know of an aftermarket one that will work?
  8. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

  9. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    Well it runs! I think I had a connection issue at the CDI box. still have a hard time starting it! It won't kick start but will push start popping the clutch. i had the coil tested and it tests weak. Those were the words from the shop owner. When I ohm test it I get .5 on the primary test and nothing at all on the secondary test. specs are .16-.2 ohms primary and 3.7-4.5 secondary. is my coil the issue I can't kick start it? And yes I'm kicking it like it owes me money!
  10. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    I have disconnected kill switch and lights. Not sure there is anything else to disconnect. I do have a wiring diagram. Looks just like what I have.
  11. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    Yes the place on the frame is clean. This coil just slips in a rubber boot. This coil ran on my friends 1985 xr350r
  12. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    Tried 3 plugs, had the coil tested, pulse generator tests at 547 when spec is 460-580, stator shows 92 when I ohm it. Kill switch is disconnected. Ground wire fits tight and connections are clean. bout to pull the last 6 hairs out I have!
  13. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    New CDI didn't help at all!?
  14. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    I talked with Freddy @Xr's only and he said since the 85 motor is completely different than the 84 the CDI boxes could not be interchanged. anyone have experience with this?
  15. Lavern23

    1984 XR350R no spark

    Bueller? Anyone?