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  1. You bet they are "most vehicles" the later generation RFS bikes seem to have made there way into a league of there own up here in Canada and in the Pacific Northwest of the US. I bought that bike 6 minutes after it was posted for sale at 6:58 am and by the the time my son in law was loading the bike that evening an offer was made at $1000 over asking price. It was a little nerve wracking to commit to a purchase with out inspecting the bike myself but I got lucky as my son in law knows what he is looking at and the bike turned out to be as advertised in like new condition.
  2. I just paid $6000 for a 2007 exc with 16 original hours on it 600 kms and everyone I talk to say it was a good deal.
  3. Its true there is no perfect dualsport motorcycle but there is a few that are the best at this time, KTM/Husky 690 and CCM 450.