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    honda cr125 cylinder compatibility

    I know this is an older thread but I was hoping Nino is still watching and could help me out. Hey Nino is there a more detailed write-up of converting 90-97 cases to accept a 98/99 cylinder. My 96 cylinder just went bad and I've been thinking of converting to the 98/99 cylinders because they are cheap and still available. I see where you showed converting the 96 cylinder to the 98 case but what about removing the overlap on a 96 case to fit a wider 98/99 cylinder? It seems straightforward using the base gasket as a guide but since I am modifying the cases and they are hard to find these days I would feel better getting some tips from someone who has already done it. Also separate questions: How do you think the wider 98 transfer ports and case mod will preform once it's all done compared to my 96 stock cylinder? More top, more bottom, or simple shift in power band? Also did Honda continue with that wider shape into the later years ie 2000-2006? I know the power valves changed but did the transfer ports stay the same or similar? Thanks for any help!!