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  1. bianco013

    Help, for a friend of course

    OK Williams thank you. By the grace of the bike gods i actually got it tuned in idling smoothly and the bog is much much less. Any opinions on the oring mod everyone keeps talking about?
  2. Hey all, my buddies asked for help fixing his idle and throttle issue on his 2004 yz250f. Basically his bike stalls when given slight throttle unless its fully warmed up. Hes having all kinds of issues except at WOT. I took the carb off cleaned it the best I could but I cannot for the life of me figure out his jetting. The PO must have not known a thing.. or maybe i dont. Heres what I gathered so far: Leak Jet 90- 40 is stock main jet 182- 178 stock Needle 0BEKR- NHKR Stock (both in 4th clip position) Here is where I get mixed up.. there are 2 jets on either side of the main jet when you take the bowl off. One of them is a 72 and its a super small piece and the other (I am assuming its the pilot jet) is a 38. We are in Western PA at the moment temps are 70-90 and humidity pretty high... Here are my questions: 1) What is the 72 jet? 2) Should I forget about messing with it and buy a kit that has all stock components? 3) there is a black knob on the outside of the carb.. it adjusts where the throttle is positioned... What is the stock position on that? THANKS!- I HATE JETTING
  3. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    UPDATE: Sent the cylinder to Powerseal... the part under the exhaust port merits welding. Should have it back in about 8 days.. hopefully this engine lasts me a long while
  4. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    This is the part i was most worried about. the plating seems to be gone in that spot
  5. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    I think i have been clear, carry on
  6. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    Where is the confusion
  7. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    this definitely needs re-plated, sending it out tomorrow!
  8. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    so while im waiting for the new bearings.. i have a question for yinz. as you saw in my first post i had a piston break on me and the metal pieces caused the crank to seize.... in regards to the top end... do i just buy a new piston and rings and then just throw them in? Im not sure if it needs re-plated or not. I can post pics if that would help, and the power valve definitely needs serviced.. the spring mechanism hardly worked when moved by hand.. im thinking about sending it to MT or Powerseal for a service.... thoughts?
  9. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    wellll, just installed a new hotrods crank courtesy of a wrench rabbit kit. i mustve put the bearings in crooked ( i had to "massage' them in with a hammer even though i was trying to sweat them in) and the crank was very difficult to rotate. i just ordered new bearings.... lets not make a beginner mistake twice
  10. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    What about special tools? Should I just plan on buying them and keeping them or is there a place I could rent them..
  11. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    Thanks gents, just watched all the RMATV videos on rebuilding a bottom end.. thats definitely something i can do and will do. My question now is... any suggestions on bottom end kits?OR should i buy all the parts (bearings, crank, gaskets, etc.) separate?
  12. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    the bike vibrated more than i think acceptable in the little time i've ridden it. I believe the piston had been in there a while and the clearances were junk... i just went out to the bike to check for twisting play in the crank and there was none. the crank is in great condition unfortunately... which is why im hesitant to put in a new one. Can i split the case check everything out and not replace any parts but the seals?
  13. bianco013

    Yz250 Broken Skirt and Sieze

    Well. I deserve this. Bought an 01yz250 this winter. Did all the bearings outside the motor replaced all the worn parts and never redid the topend. I shouldn't have been surprised when the piston rattled itself to death. See pic At this point I am not sure what to do but I have an idea. Basically the top end needs a new piston and replated from the metal moving around until it seized. However I am unsure what to do with the bottom end. It has a basically new crank that has zero play and moves freely until it gets to the bottom of the stroke. There is obviously metal from the piston preventing it from moving freely all the way around. What do I do? Split the case remove all the metal and put it back together? Try to "rinse" out the metal with premix? Do the smart think... full top and bottom rebuild and be confident in a brand new motor? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all!
  14. bianco013

    tusk wheel swap help!

    ok thanks for the help everyone! so basically there was a screw-up from where i ordered the wheels... the correct spacers are in the mail now! they only sent me one set.. all good! pics will be posted this weekend