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  1. Quantum pump still running normal, no problems since install a few months ago.
  2. 1Pete

    2017 500 EXC Dead No Ignition

    I had a similar issue with my ‘17 KTM 500 last year. I’ve done all the performance mods, Vortex, smog, pipe etc. Bike ran fantastic. After about 4 months of riding I developed a problem. I went on a several hour trail ride and bike ran great but on the way home on the pavement it started dying, thought at first I was running out of gas. Pulled over and engine stopped. Tried to restart and motor would turn over but not start. Fuel pump wouldn’t make any noise either. After about ten minutes she started up. This same issue continued intermittently for a couple more rides. Bike was still under warranty. Shop suggested several things which I did but after several weeks of trying nothing fixed it. Then they were told by KTM to try another ignition switch. That seems to have fixed it. The old switch seemed to be fine when testing it. I also put a thru bolt in battery ground and spent hours checking wiring. A year later it did a similar thing, ran fine all day then would start intermittently. After days of going over wiring, pulled fuel pump and tested it ( would run out of tank with voltage directly to it) I ended up putting a new aftermarket pump in anyways and it fixed it. So electrical issues seem to be the weak point on this bike. Learning a lot about how the electrical system works by spending so much time troubleshooting, may come in handy someday when stuck in the backcountry.
  3. I put in your bike on the Quantum site and the same part number as my 500 came up.
  4. Here it is, looks like the price went up some, still a good deal. https://www.highflowfuel.com/i-23899042-quantum-t35-intank-fuel-pump-with-regulator-and-strainer-for-ktm-500-exc-500-exc-f-2012-2018-replaces-78107088100-78107088300-78107088000.html
  5. I ordered a new pump and filter from quantum for $67 total. I installed it yesterday in the tank and the bike fired up and ran great. I am surprised that it took care of the problem, apparently. I was thinking it was probably an electrical problem. The pump had a very nice whirring sound instead of the clickety sound of the oem pump. I went for a short ride and it seemed like it was more responsive than before. I will try to update in a few weeks after giving it a good test ride.
  6. I have 2017 KTM 500 exc. Bike wouldn’t start after running fine for several hours. Fuel pump would not run ( couldn’t hear it like normal). Thanks for all the info and pics! Now that’s it’s been over six months since your post are you still satisfied with the Quantum products you installed? I ordered the pump and extra filters this morning after talking with them. I was concerned with their low cost compared to others. The filter is $67 at my local dealer! $10 from Quantum, appears to be the exact same filter! Then I see your post this evening. I see NAPA has it even cheaper. I spent the last 3 days trying to figure out why my pump wouldn’t run. Traced and checked ever circuit including using 2 different ECU’s. Pump will run out of tank (in container of gas) and hooked to tank plug for about 3 seconds then the power to it gets shutoff, via ECU I assume. Yes, I was very careful of ignition sources with open gas container (what could happen to a retired Fireman, right?) Does pump have a low and high shutdown? It’s not building pressure because it’s free flowing into another container. The original inline tank filter was filled with black substance, looked clogged to me. My tank looks clean. Low hours (20-40) on bike. I think the black stuff came from pump wear. I have only used premium non-ethanol gas. I am hoping the new pump and filter solve the problem. Thanks again for all the posts everyone!