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  1. Can’t help sorry but following closely. How is it that a June 6, 2017 epoxy expiration date is within due date though?
  2. what would I need to install (or send flywheel out to steahly) for their flywheel weight? Specialized rmatv flywheel puller tool? Anything else involved? I put on a new stator but don’t know what’s required to get the flywheel off my 17’ 350fx. I trail ride / dual sport exclusively so adding some chugability has me intrigued.
  3. I hope they pop up a slave for the 16+ ktm / husq 350 xc-f / fx while their at it! Steve replied to me back in late 2017 that it’s on the list for 2018 but didn’t have a production date. My email about a week ago asking if there was any estimate went unanswered as of yet.
  4. I confirmed with the company they don’t make anything that fits currently. It is in the plans for next year but they didn’t have an estimate. I hoping it is early...I want the Oberon unit vs piecing together the brembo parts I need.
  5. That online vin check hasn’t worked for over 2 months
  6. Will do but it will be a while before I get to it. I keep looking at the pictures for oem parts between the ktm 350 xcf and husq fx 350 and although the part numbers differ I think I would try just seeing if my existing bleeder assembly and clutch line / banjo would just work with the brembo slave - the pictures look identical not sure if that translate to being useable in the real world though.
  7. P3 carbon fits perfect and looks the best in my opinion. But I got a blem unit for a price that made sense otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it for how much the regular price is - mounting is also a bit tedious and you pretty much need to take it off every wash / oil change.
  8. Looking at the brembo parts from an oem 17’ ktm 350 xc-f parts diagram can anyone confirm exactly which parts I’d need to swap out the magura? I’m thinking #22-#27 but is there any chance my current bleeder and banjo work with it, or am I missing any other parts?
  9. Mark thanks again I emailed Oberon and they got back to me right away. I sent a picture of my slave and unfortunately they don’t make one that fits the fx 350 / newer 350 xc-f’s yet. He said they have it on the list for next year but doesn’t have a date yet. So seems like my only option right now is full brembo kit...but sadly my bike sits until April so I’ll just wait and see what develops over the next few months.
  10. Got your PM, thanks Mark. Sounds like swap won’t work for me using the brembo internals (all balls ktm version).
  11. I have a 17’ FX 350. Oberon’s site under Husq doesn’t list either of the 2 slaves as fitting. Under the KTM slaves no model lists the 350 xc-f from 2016 on which would be the corresponding KTM motor variant either. I’ve emailed Oberon twice through their site asking if they make anything that fits. No replies, not impressed. I ended up talking to All Balls through email...great responses and details! guy confirmed the husq slave replacement piston and seal kit they make is NOT brake fluid compatible and that is also the same material and spec as the oem Magura seal. Not new news but important to note that even the All balls husq kit (part 18-4000) isn’t good. He did confirm that the ktm kit (part 18-4006) for the 2016+ 350 xc-f is brake fluid compatible however. Question is will the all balls brembo based piston / seal kit for ktm fit in the oem Magura slaves on the husq 350’s? From this thread read about mx action mag saying 450fc is working fine with brembo internals, but 350’s and 450’s between bikes use different slaves. Can anyone confirm it works fine? It’s only a $26 experiment from RMATV to try if I have to without confirmation but figured I’d ask.
  12. Is anyone able to confirm the FX 350 is also seeing this failure? This thread seems to only have 450/500 husq issues referenced.
  13. The Oberon site doesn't list the 17' fx 350 in the drop down. I assume that (my) bike also has this issue and that the husq option from Oberon would work. I'd like to take preventative steps, maybe see if the allballs rebuild kit with just a fresh seal may be the most economical route. Although I kinda liked the possibility of the brembo slave creating a lighter clutch pull too...already have a Midwest Engineering lever but when I compare to my buddies DDS clutch I still want softer!
  14. My bad - I hadn't watched his newest stuff he does actually show that A/F tool so I take that back.