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  1. the ap appears to be working. in other words, when I open/close the throttle, the linkage assembly moves also.
  2. The tank is off as well as air boot and airbox to facilitate easy removal and install. I thought i would at least get a sign of life with airbox and boot off
  3. Just bought a 00 drz400 kicker. the seller knew nothing about the bike as it was her ex's bike. I cant get it to start. Cleaned carb thoroughly, new plug, it has spark, but no fuel to plug. It has the stock exhaust with the air filter in airbox. After doing alot of research on carburetors, i can tell you it has been upgraded to the khein fcr. Here are the jets currently installed: Pilot 48 Pilot air 60 Main 188 Main air 200 Air 90 Starter 142.5 Do these look correct(ish)? The inside of the carb was not gummed up or dirty but i did a full teardown anway. All the diaphragms looked good also. The float valve works as it should. So why cant i start it? Also, vent/hose routing pics would be appreciated to help with my setup. Thanks guys!