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  1. QDMAlan

    Oil pressure check bolt size

    I found a bolt at the hardware store for it that fits. 2017 yz250f
  2. Does anyone know the size of the oil pressure check bolt? I changed the oil last week and must have not tightened it all the way up. Just noticed it must have vibrated out in my trailer...
  3. QDMAlan

    New '17 yz 250f sensitive throttle

    I just bought the tamer.i may get the tuner later on but the tamer made a huge difference.
  4. QDMAlan

    New '17 yz 250f sensitive throttle

    Just wanted to reply back. After riding trails today with the g2 tamer on, I love the bike now. I feel much more in control when at low speeds over terrain. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. QDMAlan

    2017 yz 250fx

    Just bought a '17 yz250f. If it had the same exhaust, it is fairly loud but not annoying. I paid $7168 out the door for mine in Georgia and couldn't find a '16 that wasn't priced well below that. I am new to riding but love the bike. Once our temperatures get warmer here next week I'll be putting a few hours everyday on it for a while.
  6. QDMAlan

    New '17 yz 250f sensitive throttle

    That's an excellent idea. That will save from swapping grips if I need to. I believe the g2 also comes with a stock cam as well as two others that help provide the exponential.
  7. QDMAlan

    New '17 yz 250f sensitive throttle

    I plan on riding mx at some point but right now I'm riding trails as my girlfriend is just learning how to ride her ttr 230. Once I get into mx I'll probably swap back to the stock throttle cam.
  8. QDMAlan

    New '17 yz 250f sensitive throttle

    Ordered the g2 today. I'll post back after the install and let you know how it works
  9. QDMAlan

    New '17 yz 250f sensitive throttle

    I'm going to buy a tuner first and try that. If that doesn't get it down enough, I'll get new exhaust
  10. QDMAlan

    New '17 yz 250f sensitive throttle

    excellent, after watching a short video on it, I believe that will help correct my issue.
  11. Just bought a new yz 250f a few days ago and when in first gear the beginning throttle is extremely sensitive. Does anyone know of a way to help curve the beginning throttle response? It's almost impossible to ride slow over large bumps/rocks because of how sensitive the throttle is. Please help