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    1998 Xr250 Forks

    I was wondering if anyone on here would know if any pre-96 fork tubes can be used for 1998 Honda Xr250 forks. I just picked up a 98 Xr250 running and in fairly good shape but the previous owner had ran it into a rock wall and mangled the fork tubes right below the triple tree. I've been looking for any set of full forks or just the tubes and it seems I can only find pre-1996 forks from any of my online sources. So the main question is: would fork tubes from let's say a 92 xr250 work if I used my lowers on them? They are both 41 mm tubes just from what I can tell the caliper mounts are different and the lowers on my bike are in good shape. Any information is useful to me and is much appreciated! Thank you.