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  1. WolfHunter

    Powervalve Springs

    I ride mostly single track trails. And play around on the mx tracks a little. I put the red spring in a few months ago. 2016 300xcw 6days. It took some getting used to, but once you have the power it's hard do give it back!
  2. WolfHunter

    Ktm new guy

    If you ever want to sell it let me know. If you're looking for a good place to ride, look up Saddleback East. It's a private mc club in Bedford, Ky. It's pretty awesome. $500 a year to be a member. It's dirt bikes only. 630 acres of single track trails and multiple tracks, gp and mx. You get a key to the property and facilities. Open 24/7 365 to members, and you can bring guests. If you want to check it out sometime let me know. I live in Louisville as well.
  3. WolfHunter

    First bike stories

    79' Suzuki PE 175.
  4. WolfHunter

    Single track/good riding in KY or TN? Need help!

    Anytime! We will make it happen!
  5. WolfHunter

    Single track/good riding in KY or TN? Need help!

    Sorry brother, the only pass is a $500 membership. That gets you a a master key to everything for a year. I'm working this weekend and I'm off every other weekend (fri, sat,& Sunday's). You guys are more than welcome to come down as my guest. You may want to check out Black Mountain Off Road Park in Harlan KY. It's 7000 acres with 150 miles of trails.
  6. WolfHunter

    Alternatives to KTM 300 xcw?

    There is no real alternative to a KTM 300 xcw. There are other 300's. Husky, Beta .... but they are basically the same. You should be able to find a nice 300 xcw for under 5k. You won't regret it! When I first got back into riding I bought a crf450x. I loved the power delivery and it handled great. BUT... The weight of the bike was killing me! Looking back, honestly, it took a lot of the fun out of riding. I just didn't know it at the time. So I bought a YZ250f set up for the woods. Flywheel weight, sprocket, and suspension for woods. Wasn't happy with it. Missed the 450 power! That's when I took the leap and bought my 2016 300 xcw 6days! Holy cow! The power is awesome! It's one of the lightest bikes, if not the lightest in its class! I can honestly say it's the best riding bike I've ever been on! I've road a lot of bikes over the past 34 years. From Honda xr & crf, Suzuki PE & rmx, Yamaha IT & YZ, Kawasaki KDX's and now KTM XCW. I just sold my YZ450F yesterday. I hold no elegance to any brand! I've loved them all. The only alternative I can see dollar wise is maybe an older kdx or rmx, but the suspension won't be nearly as good. And if you've never used a hydraulic clutch then you won't know what you're missing!
  7. WolfHunter

    Single track/good riding in KY or TN? Need help!

    I mostly ride at Saddleback East. It's in Bedford, KY. It's open 24/7 to members only. However we are allowed to bring guest. $500 a year for 630 acres of single track, dirt bike only trails! It also has 2 mx tracks and a jr mx track. 2 gp dirt tracks. Trials area. Sand volleyball pit and kids playground. Heated bathrooms with showers and plenty of parking for camping with water and electrical hook ups. And one of the best things, a wash rack in the rear of the bathrooms to clean your bike before you load up for the house! Across the street is The Dirty Turtle Off Road Park. It's a descent place to ride if you have a mixed party of bikes and atv's. However it is weekends only.
  8. WolfHunter

    Leatt C Frame Knee Brace junk! buyer Beware

    Man, sorry some of you guys have had such bad experiences with Leatt. I had a similar issue with a screw falling out. Luckily I didn't lose any parts and it was an easy fix. That actually helped me get to know my equipment a little better. Over the past year they have saved my legs on more than one occasion, as well as my 3.0 fusion vest. At 44 years old I've used many different brands of gear. I trust my Leatt gear with my life!
  9. WolfHunter


    Bedford, Ky has some great riding. I'm a member of Saddleback East. It's 600+ acres of dirt bike only, single track. Open to members 24/7! We have 2 mx tracks and gp dirt tracks, as well as a jr mx track. It's $500 a year to be a member and man it is worth it! Most days during the week you have the place to yourself! As a member we are allowed to bring guests. Saddleback East will not disappoint you. Heated bathroom and shower. And plenty of camping spots with electric and water hook ups. Look it up!
  10. WolfHunter