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  1. Yea she uses the hot start as used to it on the 150r. But still takes a while to kick back to life by then ya stuffed lol Just wondering if there was a trick to get it to start after a kick or 2
  2. Hello. Any tips on starting a 2007 CRF250R after a fall. It starts good cold and starts good if you turn off normal but when she falls off its a prick to start. I know the best way is not to fall off but daughter is still learning.
  3. I replaced all valves 24 hours ago with oem ones. Did I put them on wrong is it just wear?
  4. Being having carb issues on the 150r and while i had tank and stuff off I thought I would check valves ( last done 17 hours ago and was in spec 0.25mm exhaust both sidesand 0.15mm intake both sides) Today (sitting on bike) left exhaust valve the 0.25mm (.010) wouldn't go under but the 0.23mm (.009) would the right was good. With intake, left was good but right the 0.15mm (.006) wouldn't go under but the 0.13mm (.005) would. Is it still in spec? It starts fine but could the also be the reason it run likes shit lol. And why would they wear uneven?
  5. Took me a while to get it sorted too. Now its a 15min job lol. I do the engine oil every 3 hours thats the left side dipstick with drain plug underneath pic1 Then transoil every 6hours ( i use MOTUL transoil. Some use the same oil as long as it has JASO on the label i believe but i think they make transoil for a reason) that is the right dipstick with drain plug on left side by gear shifter pic2 Fill untill it comes out of the screw hole on the right pic3 Hope that helps. I mucked it all up first time i did it lol cost me a bit to fix with the oil i wasted
  6. My daughter's crf150rb frame on the muffler side gets really hot. So hot it burns ya hands but also melts the plastic on the boots. Bike doesn't over heat like ive read, pipes not red or spitting out coolant out over flow. Its just the frame on the muffler side, other side is fine. Any ideas why or what I could to to minimize it getting so hot
  7. My daughters crf150r was under performing and was told to look at piston as I'd already cleaned the carb. Worked out the bike had done 73hrs after full rebuild which I had done when we got the bike as old owner didn't know history. Was dine in a honda shop with genuine honda parts. Im still learning and maybe pushed parts to far not sure. So my question is with me replacing the piston do the values need replacing too. I have attached a photo and because this is my first time not sure what every thing is meant to look like. As i have a muscle wasting disease and can't work full-time I'm trying to keep cost down where as before honda shops have done all the work on my farm bikes. Ant advice would be much appreciated
  8. Does anyone know what the different colour spring are. I've noticed all the Crf150r bikes I've seen have a yellow spring but my daughters has a blue one. Still learning the suspension side of things but think it rides okay just curious
  9. My daughter uses it to race but not full throttle ( i wish she would lol). I did a full rebuild with genuine honda parts at 240hrs as hour meter didnt work and previous owner didn't know history. Its at 290 now. Should I do oil change in less hours? Like you say oil is cheap compared to a rebuild. Air filter is changed after every ride and even during the day as most of the tracks are sand. Thanks
  10. Just wondering when the piston might need replacing. Manual says 16hrs just wondering what other people do with theses bikes. Also how many hours do you get out of a complete rebuild? Engine Oil and trans changed every 7hrs
  11. Thank for the info. Just made it a big wheel. Guess I should check the oil level, didn't realize it was different
  12. All good thanks for the info
  13. Just made into big wheel but only changed the swing arm and rims. Does it affect the handling of the bike at all?
  14. Is there a right or wrong with the height of the front forks? I had a look in manual and it says grove to the top pinch but there is no grove on these forks. How many mm should be showing
  15. I have a couple of questions. First picture: This bolt is lose but won't come out. Is there a special way to get it out? Second picture: this came off the old swing arm. The new one doesn't have one. Do I need to reuse it or is not needed to