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  1. panflick

    Hampton Roads Virginia riders?

    Anyone in this area trying to hit up southfork or Roberts? Or any trails? (Haven't seen any trails really, not from this state originally)
  2. panflick

    Cr125 of crf250

    Don't forget the 250x has a light for night rides. so if you're looking into the X it's a great choice. The 250r is an awesome bike, I've had a crf250r and 250x, currently have a crf450r and a Suzuki rm85 for putsing around on its fun haha, but for the trails if they are tight and on hills, you'll be trying to stay in the powerband and revving to the moon. 4 strokes just cruise up hills easy day, I own both and use both on the track and trail but for different reasons. Food for thought
  3. So 2 96in Ramps should be good using your method and 44in tailgate height? Also are you level ground when doing this or backed against a curb or ditch ?
  4. Do you put the ramps pretty close together? And also do you get a running start or do you just kind of walk it up at a regular pace
  5. Dang pic isn't working hmm yah mines 44in with 8in lift on 37s I have a 96in ramp but I can't reach once The front tire approaches the tailgate I don't have any more leverage and I am walking on the ground, is 8 feet long enough?
  6. Any instructions on making those mate with the tailgate?
  7. I thought this also but they're so pricy for atv Ramps instead of 2 mx Ramps, what brand do you have?
  8. Trying to figure out this dilemma. F250 on 37s and 8" lift so the tail gate is 43" off the ground when loading flat. Tried up to 8ft arched ramp which arched is nice, however it's too steep still and I can't rely on there being flat spots to unload. I've seen some 10ft Titan Ramps. Idk...I got an 8ft bed so I'd like a foldable one, any of you using crazy long Ramps? 14 crf450r Any ideas?? Thanks!