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  1. Does anyone have a picture of the clutch cover i wanna know the position of the little spring of the decompression lever. Thanks
  2. The pulse generator is aligned with everything also i took off the clutch cover theres a little spring thingy that a PITA to keep it still plus i don't know what position its go.
  3. The ignition timing is perfect it has great spark good compression but there's one problem i don't see the decompression cable move not even once can this problem cause the bike not to start? Thanks.
  4. My xr100r is 23 years old and eventually im gonna change piston and rings but i was wondering if i can run 5w40 in this engine since in the manual it say 10w30 to 20w50 but i run rotella 5w40 on my other bikes just wondering if i can run it in this engine with no problem.
  5. Jesus titty &%$#@!ing christ what happen did you jump or something?
  6. Thank for the info chuck.
  7. I have a 94 honda xr200r i can't seem to find the dowel pin location for the cylinder head i have the 86-2002 service manual but on the picture it shows three dowel pins on the cylinder head and its driving me nuts, i dont know if its 2 or 3 dowel pins.
  8. I think im gonna try the BBR 120 kit.
  9. Has anyone installed a mild cam in an xr100r need feed back on how they respond and reliability.