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    2010 RMX450 Z won't start

    Thanks for the reply I checked for a spark and while removing the throttle body to check the injector I noticed I hadn't put the plug back on the coolant switch so i put it back on and it's running fine now
  2. con8030

    2010 RMX450 Z won't start

    hi i was out off roading a few weeks ago and after i stopped for a rest i went to start the bike but i had no power to the clocks at all when i kicked it over the clocks lit up a little but it wouldn't start i managed to bump start it and it got me home but after stopping the engine it was dead again I stripped the starter motor to find the magnets inside are smashed and have damaged the windings so that's scrap now it's possible it may have shorted out I've replaced the battery and now the clocks light up as they should and the starter solenoid clicks as it should however there doesn't seem to be a spark and it won't start off the kick or by bumping it I've tested most of the components as per the user manual and I'm running out of ideas Has anyone else suffered from this or anything similar Thanks