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  1. Danimal57

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    Well, mixing too much oil into a perfect fuel/air mixture would result in a leaner fuel/air mix and a richer oil/fuel mix. But there doesn't seem to be high confidence that the jetting was ideal to begin with. There used to be a teflon putty marketed under the brand "Chamber Seal" that helped a lot with the drool at the exhaust spigot. I can't find it now.
  2. Danimal57

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    If you're running the bike at altitude it's a good idea to work with a density calculator. Try http://www.denysschen.com/denysschen/catalogue/density.aspx It looks like the air density is about 9% less at 2500 feet. You can't lean the mixture 9% with premix ratios. Remember, going from 40:1 to 20:1 gets you about 2.5% leaner. It sounds like you really like running 20:1. If you're not fowling plugs you should be okay. When I was in high skool I ran my Bultaco Lobito at 20:1 and everything turned out fine.you're probably not helping or hurting yourself.
  3. Danimal57

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    Remember, your jetting is about 2.5% leaner at 20:1 than it is at 40:1.
  4. Danimal57

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    Hey there. Always remember - Slightly rich is better than slightly lean you can shim the needle with tiny washers to get the mixture a little richer. Will you do the swingarm pivot while you're doing the shock linkage? It's a good time to get that done and the pivot bushings are probably just as worn as ones in the linkage.
  5. Danimal57

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    Nice work, by the way.
  6. Danimal57

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    Keep an eye out for epoxy breaking lose and clogging up the radiator, obviously. I always worry about repairs that are built up with composits, especially in critical areas like cooling systems. Epoxy is an oustanding adhesive, but its structural strength is inferior to aluminum. I'd watch it like a hawk. With regard to the oil seal, I don't know how much it really matters if the seal is backwards. The gearbox of a two stroke doesn't have any pressure to speak of. Some are vented.
  7. Danimal57

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    You're disappointed? Imagine how owners felt in those days. Honda had almost no interest in last years bike, and dealers didn't stock parts for anything but the current models. Every year the design changed so radically that something like 80% of the part numbers for last year's bike were obsolete, available by special order. Serious racers bought Honda's current bike and dumped last year's bike. Honda was focused on winning and profits. If the magnesium water pump cover failed after a few years, why would they care? Their focus was on designing next year's bike and supporting the current production bikes. Honda had deep pockets and they could design and manufacture a radically new bike every year. They knew their strengths and leveraged those strengths to the best of their ability. I raced a YZ in those days. It was Honda vs. everybody else. Every other manufacturer had to design a bike and sell it for 2-4 years. It was great because if something broke there was a good chance that local Yamaha dealers had a part on the shelf. The piston for this year's bike was the same as last year's bike, which made it cost-effective to keep in stock. Honda's designers started with a clean sheet of paper every year, and their interest in older MX bikes was near zero. You needed an oversize piston for a two year old bike? Special order. It'll get here Wednesday. You have a race Sunday? Sorry, maybe you should get on the list for next year's model. That's Honda in the 80's. They were deadly serious about winning this Sunday and the Sunday after that. They threw megabucks at that. Last Sunday? Nothing could change that. Last year? Who the heck cares? Not Honda, that's for sure. It's tough owning a vintage Honda. I ride an '83 and I feel your pain. They're great bikes and they represent a significant era in motocross history. But, as your magnesium water pump cover shows, loving a vintage Honda can be a rough ride. Enjoy the ride.
  8. Danimal57

    new at the forum and in the 2 stroke world !

    The CR should be okay for weekend fun rides, but you will probably need stronger springs. Get one and go riding, then correct the suspension.
  9. Danimal57

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    I've owned the CR480 for years, and it's a lot like the 250. Remember, Honda hired Roger DeCoster to help make their bikes better. Part of his input was the left side kick, which was common on European bikes in those days. The 501 Maico had left side start, after all, and nobody thought twice about it. It was a bad idea for the US market, though. On the plus side of DeCoster's improvements, the CRs became light, quick and easy to ride fast. In a few years Honda went from being a second class MX bike to being a contender in all classes.