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    WR450 Mods

    Apparently shipping location does matter on what you can order in some states.... Heres the reply from Rocky Mountain ATV when I inquired why they couldnt ship the competition ECU to California: "I apologize for the inconvenience. There are certain items that the manufacturer restricts to be shipped to certain states, and unfortunately the Yamaha GYTR ECU happens to be one of those restricted items." Ordered one from Motosport.com, 3-day free delivery, guess they dont have manufacturer restrictions......cant wait to try the mods....
  2. bolo185

    WR450 Mods

    Appreciate all the help and advice here, I'm sure I'll be back for more! Weird, I ordered the competition ECU kit from Rocky Mountain ATV because I had $50 of gift cards to use before they expire but when I went to checkout I got a warning that the item had "export restrictions" and the item could not be shipped to my location. Tried to order a second time, same result, purchase blocked. Went to Motosport.com and it's on it's way to me today. Anyone else ever have "export restrictions" stop a purchase? I've used RM ATV many times and this is a first. Maybe it has to do with what State the item ships from? Motosport is in Oregon I think and had no issues sending the ECU to CA. Weird...
  3. bolo185

    WR450 Mods

    Thanks for the info, will be ordering the ecu tonight! From what I read it seems like even just the ecu and throttle stop mods make a huge difference, and the other mods will make it even better! Where can I get the security torx bit for the air screw? I appreciate the help!
  4. bolo185

    WR450 Mods

    Newbie here, I'm sure this has been covered 5000 times already but kinda got lost in all the topics. Bought a 14 WR450 yesterday, test ride felt like my grandsons CRF50 (well, not that bad, but my YZ250F blows the 450 away on performance). I knew they were corked up but didnt realize just how bad. Almost embarrassing to ride a 450 that performs so meek. Ive read the first step is to replace the ecu with a competition one, something about a gray wire cut/removal, air box mod and new exhaust. First, where can I get the competition ecu? Do you have buy a tuner too? Is the exhaust mod just the header pipe or the whole system? Where can I get more info on how to start with the simple mods? Im sorry to wast time here cause Im sure it's been covered lots already somewhere, just got lost in the forum topics and didnt find answers yet. Not looking to make the WR a race bike, just want to make it feel like a 450.... Thanks in advance for any help where/how to get the parts and install.