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  1. So you bought one of the cheap aftermarket Chinese grips, twist throttle and cable off of eBay for only $15?? Only to discover the throttle cable does not have the nob end that screws onto the Mikuni carb! Then u discover the factory or factory replacement cable won't work on your brand new Chinese twist throttle! Here goes: 1. Cut your old throttle cable off of the bent section of the nob piece. You won't be able to pull the cable end out or even use heat, just won't work. 2. Take your trusty angle grinder, or Dremel or even a hack saw and cut just enough of the tube end to get that old cable end gone. 3. Grab your 7/32's bit and hog out that old tube. Plenty of metal there to work with. The new cable end is 6.5/32's, so a little extra room with that 7/32 bit. 4. Little dab of epoxy into the gap, very little dab, don't want that running down to your cable. 5. Slide the boot down and now your are all set to put the new cable into the throttle slide in the carb!
  2. RacerP

    Throttle Cable into Carb

    No idea, this thing was in boxes when I picked it There was a 2nd twist in the boxes, broken internal plastic, didn't work on that one either
  3. RacerP

    Throttle Cable into Carb

    So what I got was an All-Balls throttle cable #45-1135, which is supposed to be for 50/70cc Honda, I have used their stuff on other machines with no issues Installed it on the twist and here's what I am left with...that's not going into the slide throttle in the carb!
  4. RacerP

    Throttle Cable into Carb

    Thanks for this, i was discovering that the I.D. of the tube was too small and thinking there was a fix $18 part, oh well
  5. RacerP

    Throttle Cable into Carb

    Goes into the top of the carb, should have the throttle cable going in...
  6. Can't I reuse this with the replacement throttle cable that came with my new twist throttle?? Yes, I cut the old cable Yes, I put some heat on it to separate the old cable end
  7. RacerP

    2001 XR 70

    I bought a Chinese piston and ring kit off eBay...figured was the same price as just rings. The oil and spacers rings don't fit in the groove!
  8. Thanks for all the help...worked exactly as you guys described. I pulled the roller guide and noticed quite chunk taken out of it. No idea where it is. Just throw it back in or replace??
  9. I did not. Remove the whole thing and then reinstall? Or is there a way to back off the tension? Need to drain the case first?
  10. Hi Everyone, New Here...but, not new to forums in general. Picked up a torn apart '00 XR70R, missing the head. I bought a 2FastMoto replacement head(Chinese) and for some reason can't get the cam sprocket back on the cam. It's off by almost a 1/4". I did have the old cam sprocket in a bag of parts and they match up size wise. Just seems the cam chain is way too tight?