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  1. I just bought a 1999 wr400f to restore but the headlight has these blinkers on either side and I cannot figure out how to get them off..........any suggestions.thanks .
  2. No I removed the tail light too do you have any thoughts on what others headlights will go on from different Yamaha models
  3. my bike is a 2003. And I cannot find a replacement.im thinking about putting an it250 light on
  4. so...what if the light switch is turned off
  5. I've heard that the lights on a wr have to stay on or it will burn up the stator I need to know because I put number plates on my wr and I don't want to burn the stator up. Thanks
  6. ok ill try that
  7. when you pull in the clutch it all stops
  8. no the noise don't really stop but it turns into like a slower rattle
  9. I don't know how to put one up here
  10. I have a 96 kx 250 that has been making this sound since I got it. The sound is like a rattling deep in the engine but when you pull in the clutch it stops. I've heard from many people that the kx is just a noisy engine im starting to believe it because it has ran like this for a long time...thanks for any opinions
  11. they are all bout the same price as oem...i could get a it light for 20 bucks and think of a way to mount it or i could get a number plate but than i lose my light
  12. i was riding in the woods and wrecked into a tree and broke the headlight on my 2003 wr250f...the question is can i put an old yamaha it175-465 light on there because they are way cheaper than wr lights...thanks
  13. no....your supposed to but the park ranger never says anything
  14. thanks the nobbie knife is costly but it will save me money in the long run
  15. the main problem is that some spots are really deep cause of the atvs but you don't know cause of all the water