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  1. Bashkillem69

    Honda Cr85 problem

    Thanks man im going to mess with it tonight hopefully it solves it.
  2. Bashkillem69

    Honda Cr85 problem

    I had many friends try to mess with it but happens to all of them, its with the bike they kept telling me its with the carb it might not be getting enough gas but i doubt that.
  3. Bashkillem69

    Honda Cr85 problem

    This is not my first bike, i have a 350 Warrior , Yamaha blaster and a Yz85 i picked up this last couple months i know it sounds like im stalling but its with the bike i have had multiple friends try it out and the bike sound great just had the bottom end case replaced as it had a crack but the mechanic said compression is good we checked everything when it was there except it was in a shop so i did not ride it has all new fluids.
  4. Bashkillem69

    Honda Cr85 problem

    Im only 140lb it should nove with no problem
  5. Bashkillem69

    Honda Cr85 problem

    Hes not available again until next monday and i was looking to fix it this week or if i order the parts itll be ready faster Carb is clean already and adjusted it idles good
  6. Bashkillem69

    Honda Cr85 problem

  7. Bashkillem69

    Honda Cr85 problem

  8. Bashkillem69

    Honda Cr85 problem

    Hey guys so im new and i picked up a honda cr85 for a good price had my mechanic clean the carb change fluids and all but the honda cr85 stalls when put in gear and try to ride off If you go down hill it works but up hill it stalls the carb is good and cleaned and adjusted the bike idles good and when you put it in gear stays on but when you let go of the clutch it stalls even if u gove it alot of gas it moves a little then dies unless you have speed what could the problem