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  1. Jack wagon

    Kx 125 help??

    What "o ring"?
  2. Jack wagon

    Kx 125 help??

    I forgot to mention that i put in a new top end, brand new cylinder/piston. The bike ran flawlessly for probably 3 months, and I rode almost every day. And this is my first bike. I haven't deep cleaned the carb, but I've sprayed it out with carb cleaner a couple times. just because it was clean and well maintained when I bought it. And the filter could use a cleaning but even if it was filthy I don't see how it could cause something this drastic. And yeah, it just started acting up when I was riding with no warning. And what's weird is it went back and forth between running like shit, to back to normal, so I kind of ignored it for a wile hoping it would fix it self again. But it got to the point that I'm scared to ride it because I don't want to blow my brand new $350 dollar top end, because apparently a vacuum leak causes it to lean out. And I've briefly looked at the piston thru the intake when I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and it looked brand new and shiny with an exception of very minor virtical marks (not a big deal in my opinion), but I haven't looked at the top of the piston .
  3. Jack wagon

    Kx 125 help??

    I'm not shure if its the carb, to be honest I have no idea were the prob is. And for the diagnosis, I did some research and compared. First off it has high erratic idle, and doesn't settle down unless the choke is on. And when I rev it the revs hang and don't return to proper idle, and when it finally does settle down it gets all boggy and dies, and won't start without the choke.
  4. Jack wagon

    Kx 125 help??

    So I kind of already asked on TT about my vacuum leak and someone said that there were other threads about my problem, but I can't find any. So does and anybody know how to find a vacumme leak?? Are there any suspect areas to check for a leak?? I've inspected the carb boot and its a little dry rotted but not all the way thru and it should be getting a good seal with the carb. Were should the next place to check be? If the gaskets are bad on the carb bowl and lid could that couse a leak? I've tried blowing propane out of a torch around all the gaskets to see if there is a change at idle but my bike won't idle for more than 30 seconds before it bogs and dies so that makes it even harder. And I've tried squirting degreaser on everything to look for air bubbles but once again the idle makes it impossible. The only other thing I can think of is a pressure tester but I'm not spending $300 plus on something that I'll use once or twice. Does any body know if you can rent one somewhere?? Sorry, I know this is a lot of questions, but it sucks seeing my bike sitting in the garage when its perfect riding weather. Thanks for any input!!
  5. Jack wagon

    Kx 125 vacuum leak.

    So my bike has a vacuume leak, and I'm not sure how to find it. I've taken the carb boot off and inspected it, and it has a good seal, so the leak is somewhere else. Does any body know how to find a leak or were a commen spot is to have a leak??? Thanks for any help:)
  6. Jack wagon

    Kx 125 reeds???

    OK, that makes sense thanks man!!!
  7. Jack wagon

    Kx 125 reeds???

    Hey guys, so my bike has a vacuum leak. So I took my carb boot off to inspect it, and when I did the reed box came out with it and I'm not shure what way it went in There is a small hole and a big hole, and there are no arrows or any thing to tell you what way is the right way. Does any body know what way it goes in??? Does the big hole go on the top or bottom??? Thanks for any help!!!!!!
  8. Jack wagon

    2018 KX85 and 2018 KX100 Jetting

    Keep in mind I'm not an expert, but I've heard that brand new bikes are jetted from the factory to run close to sea level , so at 1000 ft, you won't be that far off, what I would personally do, is do a proper break in, and check the plug every couple minutes. And make sure the coloring is good and go from there. I'm pretty sure it needs to be a good brown color. Wight= way to lean, black/oily= rich. Like I said I'm no expert. I just got my first bike all dileld in and its running good, over time you learn how to read the bike and the plug to tell how its running. Good Luck!!!!
  9. Jack wagon

    Jetting help??

    Hey guys, so I moved my clip from position 5 to position 3 and when I was out riding the bike all of a sudden started reving really high and hard, when I pull in the clutch and it doesn't want to idle, I've never herd it run like this, also the plug is a perfect rust color Does any one know what's going on????
  10. Jack wagon

    2 stroke question????

    Yeah the gasket maker is working perfectly no more leaks:). thanks!!
  11. Jack wagon

    Dirt bike tire tube options??

    I've been running about 12psi. And I forgot to mention its the rear tire that I've had issues with. I'm not shure what's causing all the flats, the rim is pretty clean and I have fresh tape rapped thick so nothing is sticking thrue. I've just been patching the hell out of the tube and it continues to blow. I think its mainly when I hit a sharp rock out on the desert roads, and when I inspect the tube its usualy like a courter inch tear in the rubber. I don't know may by its just a crappy tube. Do you run like an extra heavy duty tube, or just a regular??? Yeah, I've never blown my front tube just the rear.
  12. So, I'm sick and tired of heading out to ride and blowing my tube in 20 minutes, and then I have to cringe for the next hour every time I hit a rock, I was wondering if any one has ever used (mousse) tube?? I've been looking and there aren't to many options, for like $120 bucks i can get a mousse tube and never have to stress about a flat again Or I could spend $40 plus on a heavy duty tube, but most likely I will still blow it at some point. What do you guys think?? Has anyone ever ran mousse??
  13. Jack wagon

    Jetting help??

    I have never looked at the float hight and to be honest I don't even know were to start. I thought all the float did is prevent to much gas from entering the carb, there for over flowing out of the over flow tubes???
  14. Jack wagon

    Jetting help??

    It was about the same temp.
  15. Jack wagon

    Jetting help??

    Will it cause damage with the current jetting??? Or will it just effect performance???