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    building a bike

    lol i work 530-4 so i got quite a bit of time on my hands not to much money lol thats why i was wondering if there was a kit to buy unassembled. you know like buying an AR-15 you can buy one for x amount or you can build one for almost 3/4 of the cost by buying the parts separately. i figured i was gunna hear that there is no such thing as a kit but it was worth a shot looks like ill be buying a used bike and just adding modifications i want rather
  2. rideordiektm

    building a bike

    hey guys. im new here. i was wondering if i could buy a ktm 250 SX-F build kit a newer one with fuel injection? meaning nothing is put together just every piece i need. also is there a book to go along with it to show what to do like a step by step kind of or would i just have to use the bikes manual? i have experience rebuilding sport quads but i want to build a bike from the ground up. i know alot about engines but just want a guide incase i get stuck. Thanks in advance