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  1. cmb911

    motocross school/clinic in NY

    where abouts in NY are you?
  2. cmb911

    Back surgery

    I just had my L5S1 disc taken out and replaced with a cage to fuse that disc together on December 14th. The Dr. said to treat it like a broken arm- take it easy for 3 months and then start pt. Based on the hell I went through, I want this to heal 100% before riding. Keep in mind, I'm already going crazy and want to ride! What would be a reasonable time frame for me to stay off the bike? Like most doctors, mine is telling me I shouldnt ever ride, they are dangerous blah blah blah.. I have a 05 KTM 525 dual sport and a 09 yz250f for moto. Obivously, I would be ok with just trail riding to tame my addiicition for awhile.
  3. cmb911

    riding/camping in ny?

    Where in NY are you located/looking to ride?
  4. cmb911

    Looking for a partner to ride Hatfield Mccoy

    Wish I would have know sooner. Heading down tomorrow morning
  5. cmb911

    Any Other Area 51 Members?

    Good to see you are still around!
  6. cmb911

    525 exc questions

    Thanks guys!
  7. I have a 05 525 exc and wanted to put the Cycra hand guards with the triple clamp mounts. The catalog asks whether I want a "side" or "front" mount. What does this mean? My fork pinch bolts are behind the the forks near the gas tank. Does this mean I have to use the standard "u" clamp around the bar? I also wanted to get the Motion Pro push button valves to bleed the air out of the forks. The catalog has 2 choices: #1 M4x0.7 with external preload adjusters for use on KTM closed cartridge fork caps #48600516s, 4860.0074s, and 4860.0075s caps with external preload adjusters. #2 Bleeder with internal spring preload adjuster for KTM M4x0.7 for use on 4860.00205, 4860.002051 and all WP43 and 48mm caps without external spring preload adjusters (cap allows spring preload adjusters through cap) My forks have a air bleeder screw AND a black dial for the clickers but I have no Idea which one to get. Any help or guidance greatly appreciated.
  8. cmb911

    Unadilla - Spectator Questions

    If you never been to an outdoor national, I would suggest getting the pit tickets. It's something you and your kids will remember for a long time. Dilla is nothing like it was in the past. It's actually safe to bring your girl/kids now Anyone remember when it stopped? I remember 1996 was still crazy
  9. cmb911

    Area 51 mx?

    sent ya a pm if you didn't get it lmk
  10. cmb911

    Area 51 mx?

    Awesome place!!! A separate 50cc track for kids, a seperate intermediate and quad track, and then the main bike track. There is also some trails for the harescramble races. They will be using a rock picker this year to make the soil perfect.
  11. I could only get the xr up to 92mph
  12. cmb911

    sliding goggle strap-help!

    I wasn't impressed with the last smith goggles I owned. Ebay them and get something else.
  13. cmb911

    Muffler damage

    Check with some local shops. Some can blow the dents out for you.
  14. it's tricky with used tires. Spray the hell out of the tube with armor all
  15. a.r.c. from rockymountain. $80 for the jacket, $80 for the pants! I loaned them to my buddy who raced a rally (speeds@100mph) and he stayed dry. Jacket folds into a fanny back when not in use.