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  1. Maxoss

    Rmz right side cover won’t come off

    Thanks, Lazy &%$#@!ers couldn’t just take that extra time and money to replace the shaft 😡
  2. Hi, Im planning on doing an engine swap but at the moment i’m focused on getting rid of this welded Kickstarter the previous owner did. It’s welded to the shaft, do I need to remove the Kickstarter to get the cover off because ive removed all the bolts and it still won’t budge, please help!!
  3. Maxoss

    Lost compression now seized

    Ok bikers I need your help me and my dad picked up this cheap rmz 250 04 model ( has a 290 Athena bore kit). The owner said the valves just needed to be done then she'd fire right up. He was correct the exhaust valve had 0 clearance so we fixed that up and within a few kicks the beast started up. After that we just gave it a routine carby clean, started it up warmed it up a little and then it just cut out and wouldn't start back up. The kickstarter had lost a fair bit of compression not all but some we then proceeded to take the rocket cover off. The valves were still all in spec. The only problem was that when you put the piston on TDC the kickstarter would become stiff and be hard to move, it free'd up once past TDC but would just get stiff once it reached TDC. eventually the kickstarter just stayed stiff and wouldn't move anymore. That's as far as I've come, just wondering if anyone can help. Thanks
  4. Hi, I've just recently come off an 85 and moved up the the 250 4T, In the video below it is my third ride on it approximately I've had about 3 hours of riding experiance on it. I would just like you to watch the video and give me suggestions on where I can improve I know for sure corners but what tips and tricks can you give me, I do stand up alot throughout coming out of corners and hitting jumps. This video below is just a local bush with dirtbike tracks around my area
  5. Maxoss

    rear suspension problem

    thats what im thinking pulling it all apart tommorow
  6. Hi, So i've been having problems with the rear suspension of my rmz 250 once you sit on it, it gets to a really hard spot that you really have to push down hard to get past it. But then once you hop off the bike has sagged because the back end hasn't rebounded back up all the way. So my firsth thought was the shock, I replaced the shock with a shock that i know is good from another rmz I have. Thinking the problem would have been fixed, nope still their. So I need some help here I don't know what else it could be, could it be something actually in the swingarm I've never encountered a problem like this so please if you guys could help that would be great.
  7. Thanks guys for all your help
  8. Found the problem need the two copper washes to be replaced
  9. The thing that is broken in this picture is the casing that the header exhaust bolt connects into to. Don't ask me how the &%$#@! this happen one of my friends that supposedly knew what he was doing was working on it. Will never let him near my bike again. Anyway does anyone know how I can fix this other than buying a whole new freaking head
  10. My rmz 250 seems to be leaking oil from these two alen key bolts can someone please explain why
  11. Maxoss

    125 2T or 250 4T

    Yer that's the only reason holding me back from a 4 stroke the maintance and money
  12. Don't get a 125 2 stroke for your first bike
  13. Hey, I am 14 years old 60kg 5'7 and just about to come off of a yz 85, I go bush riding and track riding. I'm just having abit of trouble choosing between a 125 2 stroke or 250 4 stroke. Please help