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    Warp 9 sells supermoto wheels, if that’s what you’re looking for. You can even get them with tires, rotors, and a sprocket already mounted on them straight from warp 9 so they’re basically ready to bolt on to your bike. http://www.warp9racing.com/
  2. colewarwick

    Yet another jetting question

    I wish I could tell you, bud lol I bought it and the exhaust from a guy in Dallas and I’m not really sure who makes either of them 🤷‍♂️
  3. colewarwick

    WR250x speedo issue

    Just recently bought an 09 wr250x and the speedo is WAY off. It’s 100% stock, however when I’m doing ~55-60mph , the speedo says like 155mph. If it were just the speedo, I wouldn’t really care, but It’s making the odo rack up 3x the miles as it should. I have put probably close to 15 miles on it since I’ve bought it and the odo says I’ve gone 81 miles. Anyone know of a fix for this issue or what could possibly be wrong with it? Thanks in advance!
  4. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    The piston had a fairly significant amount of play on the rod. I’m going more off of that than the measurement with the caliper. Like Eric said, it’s a cheap harbor freight caliper and I don’t really trust the reading it gave me, not to mention he is right that that isn’t the correct tool for that measurement. When you’re trying to get that precise of a measurement, using the squared “jaws” of the caliper is difficult to get an accurate reading in a round sleeve. There’s really nothing else I can think of that could be making the noise anyways. The valves are in spec and have been checked three separate times since I adjusted them. The cam chain, tensioner, jug, piston, and wristpin are all brand new as well. It’s not “right away” as I’ve been fighting with this issue for about 3 months now and have replaced just about everything else that could make such a noise, to no avail. Sorry, but I already have plans for the old crank, otherwise I wouldn’t mind giving it to you. I will try to find a shop that can take some more accurate measurements when I get it out, just for curiousity’s sake, and will report back with the results.
  5. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    For that job, I would be taking the bike up to my parents’ house for a weekend or two to get it done with my own tools. I will also be ordering a flywheel puller, case splitter, crank puller, and borrowing a service manual from a friend of mine
  6. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    Well I put the motor all back together and it’s still making the same noise, so I’m going to put money on that wristpin bearing (if you can call it that.... it’s kind of more of just a sleeve) being bad. Next week I’ll be ordering a new crank/rod assembly (hotrods sells one that’s already assembled and ready to install) and gasket kit. I’m in Houston, TX. Not too disappointed because I knew it was fairly sure the rod was the issue, but it’s alright. It gives me something to do after work lol
  7. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    HAHAHA sadly it’s all I have to go off of, so yeah. I’m doing it at a buddy’s house because all of my tools are at my parents’ house, 5 hours away. Unfortunately, I have no room for them where I’m living right now. Worst part about it is I already have a nice caliper and dial indicator, just not here with me.
  8. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    Yep, that’s exactly how I did it. After I pulled the rivets out, I realized it came with a 3 layer gasket AND and darker colored single layer one, so I took the piece of the 3 layer one off and used the darker colored single layer one instead. I dicided screw it, this bike has been fighting me since the day I bought it, I’ll roll the dice on that .002 and send it lol about to put the head back on 👍
  9. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    Well, just check the small end of the rod and found that it’s .002 away from the maximum spec....... lol
  10. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    Good, because I got impatient and already removed the rivets lol working on getting the rings on the piston now. The instructions that came with the kit are useless..... “disassemble motor. Install bbk. Reassemble motor. Ride bike.”
  11. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    Actually, one more question. The kit is an Athena 434 kit and it’s going on an e motor. I’ve read that some people don’t use the 3 later base gasket that the kit comes with and instead drill the rivets out and only use a single layer. Obviously that changes the compression ratio, but what is the reason to doing one or the other?
  12. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    Awesome, you guys are life savers. I really can’t thank y’all enough! I’m going to start putting it back together and I will write back how it goes and if I run in to anymore issues.
  13. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    Just ran by harbor freight and picked up a dial indicator. Measuring the deflection at the very top of the rod, it measured between .035-.048in depending on how hard I forced the rod. The loose play was .035in and I could force it as far as .048in. Just to double check that I’m reading the spec sheet correctly, that IS in spec, right? If the spec is 3mm (that seems like a HUGE amount of play.....) .035 is only like .8ish of a mm
  14. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    Is this a drz spec, or just a general rule of thumb type deal? Biggest feeler gauge I could fit between the rod and crank was .024in
  15. colewarwick

    Rod play question

    I appreciate it. Pretty much as soon as I responded I thought about a dial indicator. I’ve been meaning to get one to set up the gears in some axles I’m building for my Jeep, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I tried to see if I could get a somewhat accurate measurement with some calipers, but it didn’t really work very well. I guess I’ll go pick one up tomorrow. Any input on the blueing of the crank?