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  1. I just recently swapped an e motor in to my bike and it turns out it’s going to need a new top end, so who’s got the best prices on the cylinder works 434 kits?
  2. After a MAJOR meltdown on the original motor, I have recently rebuilt my 2014 sm with an E motor. Originally, I had it set up with the 3x3, MRD/SSW, and the 39mm fcr carb jetted with a 200 Main Air Jet, 160 Main Jet, 45 Pilot Jet, 100 Pilot Air Jet, and EMR Needle (what it came with). Over the 2 years it sat torn apart in my garage, the mrd has since been sold (terrible mistake) and I'm planning on running a cheap hmr pipe or similar until I can order a new mrd and wait the unfortunately long build time they come with. I would like to know if any of you, that are more knowledgeable on jets, think I need to change them for the smaller diameter exhaust, or if it will be okay to run it as it is. I live in Texas, so >500ft above sea level, and it gets up to 100 degrees, but not normally below 30. Now that I've finally gotten around to rebuilding this thing, I REALLY would prefer to not have to do it again for quite some time lol Thanks in advance for the opinions.
  3. yes, it ran great for about 2 weeks, then i parked it for a few days and accidentally left the key on and killed the battery. i tried to kick it and it wouldnt start, so i put a charged battery on it and now it wont do anything. fuses are good, kill switch is good, the clutch switch is bypassed because it has a hydraulic clutch that doesnt have the little button in it. the cutoff relay clicks if i put power to it so i would imagine its still good. havent heard the actual starter relay click, but i dont think its getting the signal from the start button, so i dont think thats the issue. is the start button supposed to be a ground or is it supposed to be hot? mine is acting as a ground. when checking it with a test light, it shows 11.1v in and 9.5v out, then when you hit the button, it jumps to 11.1v in and 11.1v out. i would think it shouldnt show anything coming out of the switch when its not being pressed, no? i appreciate the help.
  4. Ive got an 03 wr450 sumo that i bought about 2 weeks ago and now it wont start. i pulled the headlight shroud off and the wiring for the key is a nightmare so its pretty hard to see whats what. the electric start does nothing when i push the button (relays dont click. new problem. just started doing that this morning) and it wont start with the kick start. the starter still works if you jump it, but i dont think its getting spark. the starter solenoid is good and so is the cut off relay. the kill switch is working properly, but im not sure about the start button. with the ignition on, the killswitch has 12v going to it and has about 10.3ish volts leaving, then when you hit the button, it jumps to 11.7ish. not sure what the hell is up with that. most of the wires used for the new key cylinder werent color coded so im having a really hard time figuring out what goes to what. Does anyone have a good picture/simple wiring diagram as to what wires are supposed to be spliced in to for an aftermarket key cylinder? or if there is anything else to check, definitely send some suggestions my way. im stumped.