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  1. Did someone reply? I can't see any message. It's says someone has.
  2. Hi All. Quick question. Do you need any special tools when you split the case of an 90 XR250R? I looking at changing the gear shift shaft as the splines are all but gone. What else would you recommend to change while I'm in there? Cheers Curt.
  3. Adjusted my SAG correctly. But I've now found out that I probably need a softer spring.
  4. Started my XR in two kicks. I think I sussed the starting method.
  5. Same here. It's rained nonstop for the last two days. Two that I was off work! !!!
  6. I just finished a topend rebuild on a 90 XR250R. Took it out for a ride in the forest. It works! Although my gearshifter splines are busted. So I did a quick fix.