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  1. Triumph5ta

    1981 XL500s won't start when engine warm

    When you start it cold what do you do? How much choke? Do you open the throttle at all? Should need little choke unless weather really cold and no throttle at all. If you have to deviate from that it might tell us something.
  2. Triumph5ta

    1987 dt 200 seized?

    Its a 2 stroke, nice and simple to pull apart and check. thats what I would do.
  3. Triumph5ta

    1972 Honda XL 250 Motosport...new to me

    No need for a battery if you don't need lights. Direct ignition on these. Black and White wire from the alternator on the left side goes to the points and coil. Horn or neutral light may only work with the engine running. Personally I would stick a battery in it and replace the tail light with a generic modern 6v one that is less likely to break if you drop it. The battery is so small that the weight saving is minimal. But whatever you decide clean the carb out, clean the tank out. Change the oil and it will probably run. Nice original bike.
  4. Triumph5ta

    Any Honda Xl500 fans out there?

    Yes, you need a foam "sleeve" over the wire mesh. Available online no problem. Put that in and see if it makes a difference. Where in London are you 'cos I have an XL500 too :-) Adam.
  5. Triumph5ta

    1972 Honda SL125 electrical issues

    Looking at the wiring diagram there should be two green wires coming from the wiring harness near the battery area. One goes to the bike frame One goes to the battery It looks like someone has bolted the one that should go to the battery to the frame. Just undo it and connect it to battery negative. Make sure you have a fuse in the fuse holder! Make sure also that the fuse is good... Adam.
  6. Triumph5ta

    1979 xr500

    There is nothing off the shelf as far as I know to convert to 12v. Electrex World do a kit to upgrade the 6v Yam XT500 to 12v but not for the XL You would need to fit a charging system to charge a battery to run LED lights. You would somehow have to locate a battery too. The XL model (like mine) has a small 6v battery to power the stop light, indicators and idiot lights. But the 6v battery is too small to run the Headlight too. The direct lighting to headlight and rear light is AC (Alternating current) and as far as I know that means you cant use LED bulbs, they really need DC current from a battery. Others might know different. You could try and fit the stator coils from an XL model which would at least give you the opportunity to charge a 6V battery. This is simplest and what I would do. I think you can fit the electrics from a later 82 on model which is 12v
  7. Triumph5ta

    1979 xr500

    Cool, if you can point me at a supplier of an alternative to the Cheng Shin that would be great, I cant find one anywhere.
  8. Triumph5ta

    Who rides there vintage bikes.

    I do... Spanish Pyrenees June this year
  9. Triumph5ta

    Damaged Carb Slide

    I think you will get away with that.
  10. Triumph5ta

    1979 xr500

    The XR has minimal lighting running direct from the engine. No battery and no coil to charge a battery. As far as I know it gives you just headlight main and dip and a tail light. Not even a stop light. Definitely not indicators. So, if your local laws say a brake light is required on the street you might have to rig something up using a stand alone battery. The standard front wheel is 23", only one tyre fits, made by Cheng Shin.
  11. Triumph5ta

    Battery eliminator 1981 Honda XL500

    OK I understand. I dont think anyone makes a replacement, sorry.
  12. Triumph5ta

    1982 XL250R electrical question

    Hi, I am going to assume your bike is 6 volt for now, if not for 6v read 12v! First the brake light switches. They should have one black and one green/yellow wire to each one. See if you can find them. If you cannot then someone has cut them out maybe? If that is the case you will have to re-make that part of the wiring. The black wires in the harness carry 6v from the battery when the ignition switch is in the on position. The indicators: The indicator relay needs resistance to work. LED bulbs have much less resistance than conventional bulbs so thats why they stay on all the time. You will need a resistor. Vendors of LED indicators should be able to tell you what value resiistor to use or you could buy an LED specific indicator relay. The LED taillight probably wont work because the tailight , like the headlight , is powered direct from the generator and that power is AC (Alternating Current) and in my experience LEDS only work on DC. They are Diodes and diodes only like current running in one direction. One option is to power only the headlight direct but with a 6v regulator in the circuit to stop it blowing bulbs. Then to power your LED brake, tail, horn and indicators direct from the battery. LEDs draw less current so you could probably get away with that. Hope that helps! Adam.
  13. Triumph5ta

    Battery eliminator 1981 Honda XL500

    I considered this when I got my XL500. I tried Electrex World who do good battery less upgrades for many old bikes. Unfortunately not for the XL500.
  14. Triumph5ta

    Battery eliminator 1981 Honda XL500

    I dont know how much you know about the XL500 so here goes. You don't need a battery for the ignition, it runs direct off the generator on the end of the crank. You dont need a battery for the headlight and the tail light, they run direct off the generator too. You do need a battery for the brake light, horn and indicators. The 6v battery is so small and light anyway I dont know if there is much of an an advantage in doing without.... Adam.
  15. Triumph5ta

    XT500s go on holiday

    Yeah its a fun event but a long old way. We hired a van and had two days riding trails in the Auvergne then two days doing the twinshock trailfinder. It cost us about £800 each all in inc van hire, diesel tolls accommodation and food. Are you part of the Devon TRF? They had a big contingent there...