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  1. mcpenner

    First trail bike

    "checkout the Yamaha TW200 forum" - Have done that Padilen before I started looking at the DR-Z. I also like doing my own customization projects and I think a tw would be a lot of fun to modify the frame to fit me. I'd do a kind of off road mini fat bob mash-up. Maybe build two sub frames? One for my leg length and one for my daughter. But I should discuss all this over at the other forum. Back on topic. My greatest fear of the DRZ is that I would not be happy enough on the road. I do NOT drive above legal speeds (90 - 100kms/hr OK maybe I get up to 110km/hr cruising speed at times) and even on the goldwing I dislike freeways so I think I'd be fine. The only solution is to find a test ride somewhere. Dealers around here don't give test rides and they never bring out the dual sports on demo days. But I'll be at the Edmonton international motorcycle show this weekend. maybe I can convince someone to promise me a test ride in spring?
  2. mcpenner

    First trail bike

    LOL..made me laugh. I know the TW would have that effect, but I'd get around with added bonus of have a bike my daughter could learn on. She says she wants to learn to ride. But like I said, I don't care how fast I get their in the dirt, as long as I get there and I'm not easily embarrassed. The tw might help in the going slow enough to not break bones department too. What are my friends riding? YZ250X, Husqvarna FE250, KTM 450-sx (those are the ones I know). But then I know one couple goes out with them in a side-by-side too (someone has to bring the BBQ and beer). It's a unique situation. I live 3kms from Canada's largest live fire military training area. Of course it's strictly off limits!!! But when you know some officers they can get access to specific areas most days. The military "sprocket club" is invitation only. Miles and miles of virgin prairie with lakes and deep river valley's to explore and when your out there you will never meet another person because you can't get in unless you are invited.
  3. mcpenner

    First trail bike

    One of the big attractions of the DRZ is the easy conversion to street wheels/tires if I should decide I like the bike enough to keep it a while. I'll have to search the forum here to figure out if it's better to get an sm and then get dirt wheels or the other way around.
  4. mcpenner

    First trail bike

    I can easily lift my weestrom on pavement so I don't think I'll have trouble lifting the DRZ. My commute is 4 miles in town so it shouldn't wear down tires too fast. I have a Goldwing for distance work, but it also represents my difficulty. I'll drive the Goldwing all day everyday if my wife is with me and love it. But when I'm solo I'd far rather be on the dl650. I defiantly don't have the budget for three bikes so it's keep the dl650 or sell it and get something more dirt oriented. I know I'd be happy on a KLR since I've had one but even that is not dirt capable enough for riding with the friends I'd like to go out with, especially for an off-road novice like me. I'm also looking at the wr250r. But then I think I should maybe just get an old tw200 cause then I could keep the dl650.
  5. mcpenner

    First trail bike

    I have become fascinated by the DRZ400. My Question is, will it be too much for me as a first trail/off road bike? The details: - 50 years old 220lbs 6'1" - been riding street bikes for 15 years - had a klr650 I enjoyed on everything up to two track trails - but kept getting in trouble beyond that - ride a weestrom on paved and unpaved roads - local military club has access to huge training areas and has asked me to join the club - I want to ride with them, but have no experience - there will be sand - most of them ride mx or trails bikes - but I would have to sell the weestrom and refuse to be without a street legal bike - the bike I choose will need to take me to work in town and all over the local secondary highways and gravel roads (100km radius) plus allow me to ride the trails and bush. - I don't care if I can keep up - as long as I can get there Thanks - I know there are a ton of "right bike" threads but each persons situation and needs are different.