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  1. Hey guys, I did search this topic, and it seems that the most common response is to rebuild the top end, and/or replace the piston. I bought this bike for my son, he just moved up from a CRF150F, and it has started burning oil. Per the PO, it has roughly 84 hours on it without any major work. We just noticed NYD that it was low on oil. He has probably put 15 hours on it since Christmas, and rides pretty agressively. It is also running a SX-F CDI unit. I am not sure if that addresses anything other than ignition timing, but I am new to KTMs, so there you go. Is there a tech doc, or a downloadable manual, out there to walk me through the tolerances that I should check? He is going to start racing hare scrambles in March, and I want to make sure we have it in top shape for the first race.