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  1. joyhnye75

    RMZ 450 2009 Cylinder Head thread rounded! HELP PLEASE

    Use a helicoil kit and repair each one. It will take some time, you have to drill, etc,, but you can find kits for less than 50$. Helicoil allows you to use the same size bolt as the original, and since the torque spec on the cams is not very high, it should work.
  2. joyhnye75

    07 rmz450 piston rings, install position help

    OK, mystery solved! I took a magnifying glass and peaked inside the compression ring groove on my piston and I noticed that it has a step inside that matches the piston ridge, they basically mate into each other. In this case, the ring must go only one way, which is with the ridge Up. Now, keep in mind that many pistons of this bike era rmz450 05-07 are sold as fitting all years 05-07, well that is Yes and No. The piston rings changed in 07, and because of the rings having a ridge, the piston groove is also different. Could an 06 piston work in an 07 model, yes but you must use the 05-06 compression ring, rings are flat on both sides and piston ring groove is with no steps inside for the earlier years. Yes you can use 05-06 piston sets but you won’t be taking advantage of the improved rings that came out in 2007. The ring changes are mentioned in articles with only improved coating, but none of them said that the 07 rings overall shape changed too. Even the dealer techs do not know this info and will sell you the wrong piston, it is unique to the 07 rmz450s and it is not outlined in any manual. There you have it! So, I have to send my current piston back and buy an 07 version, which is not cheap. I got a good deal for it on ebay. ;( Anyone have an 07 piston they want to sell? Here is the exact 07 part number for the piston: 12111-35G20-0F0 Good luck guys !
  3. joyhnye75

    07 rmz450 piston rings, install position help

    I looked everywhere, no letter is on the rings. It is OEM for sure, the shop had to wait to get it from japan before they can deliver it to me, I also cross checked the oem part numbers that was on the box. The rings on the 07 models changed that year, yes only the rings not the piston, you can google that topic to see, although the article talks about the coating changing but not the shape of the rings. All the manuals that I see are labeled rmz450 05-07, so all the info in there is generic for all 3 years models. Has anyone seen an 07 specific manual, let me know, I have not. I will examine one more time, maybe indeed use a mag glass.
  4. joyhnye75

    07 rmz450 piston rings, install position help

    but my ring is not straight on both sides, one side has what appears to be a tiny wall on the outside radius of the ring, I called it a ridge earlier, but it looks like a tiny wall, indeed. My piston and rings are OEM for sure! It is unusual looking ring, but also I see that my old ring is the same. However, since I am not sure if the previous guy installed it correctly I wanted to double-check with the Tumpertalk community. thanks a lot !
  5. Can't tell which way is up on new oem rings. Manual mentions a letter mark, but mine don't have such thing. There is a ridge on one side and flat on the other, so which way is up? See attached pic of the ridge , thx!!!
  6. joyhnye75

    Showa 47mm (06 kx250f)

    Agree!.., I just purchased seals from http://mx-tech.com/, 14$ a piece + shipping.
  7. yes, its hard to tell.. , maybe they just slow down the compression for a plush ride but still avoid bottoming out. These things are not cheap , around 300$ new, and I saw similar on ebay used for around 200$. In general I don't consider my suspension plush but I am new mx rider and can't tell what is what , yet : )
  8. I always focus on rear shock sag, but good idea to check the forks too, thx!!
  9. yep, I was able to reference it on the web, it looks like it is pro circuit perch. I weigh 182lb with no gear, my spring indicates 45, I assume that is kg, so it may be too soft for me,..., not sure?? I am a beginner MX rider, and that is how I use my bike. thx
  10. I cracked the forks on my 07 rmz450 to replace my seals and found some fancy parts in it.., they look fancy to me and not stock, I think?? (see pics). This red piece is so well made, as if it came out of the space shuttle : ) ..lol.. Also my spring has one marking and 45 carved, does anyone know if this is the stock spring? thx
  11. joyhnye75

    2014 rmz450 broken shift drum!!

    Kinda late on this topic, .. .curious if you have to split the cases to replace that shift drum?.. or just remove the clutch side case cover and clutch basket . thx!
  12. joyhnye75

    Will the 2007 rmz450 Frame swap with 05

    I think they changed the frame in 2007, read 1st paragraph in the article below. At the same time I don't know if that means that the motor won't mount just fine, not sure??,,. so you might be gambling a little. https://www.dirtrider.com/tests/off-road-bikes/141_0701_2007_suzuki_rmz450
  13. joyhnye75

    2007 rmz 450 oil change weirdness, pls help

    Here is pic of the two plugs I removed (bigger with the built-in washer had the screen, smaller to the right with rust on it it had no screen). there is a 3rd one recessed deep to the left of the big one, but it looks like is for keeping the cases together and not to be removed (I think??). thx
  14. I read web forums, etc, and I am still not clear how to change my oil on my rmz450. I just got this 07 RMZ for the first time, I am super exited!!!. , I have had KXs CRs, and it was always only one bold to remove and drain the oil. However, a lot of mixed info is out there for the rmz, for example I read that people claim that 2 bolts have to be removed, some guy even posted a picture in the forums but it shows 3 bolts being removed. I read the manual, and it talks about removing only one bolt to drain it,,. WTF?? Btw, I have learned that 08+ models have different oil change procedure/number of drain plugs, etc.. Here is what happened: Got the bike used, I located the bolt with the strainer (below shifter, facing sideways, not down!). I removed it, and the strainer, and only 400ml came out. I then removed the smaller bolt next to it (not sure what that one does??), slightly more oil came out, but almost nothing. Either the previous guy did not put enough oil, or there is another bolt I missed, and yes I warmed up the engine, then waited, etc.. So here is the next bizarre thing. I run the engine for few min, let it sit for 2min, put it on the stand, then open the oil check bolt and oil start following out, a lot!.. like 350ml before it stops coming out, then I tightened it back. That makes me think that some oil was not drained to begin with, right? Also the oil was black, not clear! Any help is appreciated!
  15. joyhnye75

    choosing rear shock spring??

    You know what , I removed the sub frame this weekend and took a look at that spring again, color looks identical like in your Pic. I first looked from the side and due to the dust on it I thought it was brownish. Color is actually blackish with some silverish flake dusted on the top, just like in the pic. Anyway, I think it is stock and in that case something to the rear shock was done for the heavier guy that owned the bike before, I know he had tuned it at Evo. I guess I have to take it to the tune shop if I want it set optimally, but no money for this now.. .thx for all your help guys!