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  1. video/sound does not work for me??
  2. ok, just a quick update on the current status: Per Numroe's suggestion, I cleaned and lubed the hot start plunger/piston , sprayed some throttle cleaner in there, etc... but at the same time I also lowered the rpms via the RPM knob even more, and then did not experienced the hanging idle at my last MX track day. The hot start plunger did not look dirty and I am not sure if the cleaning did it or the lowering of the rpms, which I had tried before. I should have touched just one thing at at time to know what is fixing it. Just yesterday I finally installed my new adjustable fuel screw, which was the next thing to mess with. I adjusted it along with my boysen QuickShot-3 adjustable leak jet , installed by previous owner, and now my slight bogging when rapidly twisting the throttle is almost gone. I will test the bike in a week and see if all works good and update you all. btw, when I removed the oem fuel screw , it did not have a washer and a rubber o-ring at the top. I am surprised it did not leak previously, very weird??.. I looked inside the hole with a scope cell camera, since I did not remove the carb, to make sure it did not get left behind stuck but did not see anything. Very strange, unless it dropped while I was removing it , but I was careful and expecting it !?
  3. thanks for the info!
  4. Good 4 u ! Thx for the update, Just curious, what's the compression after a new top end.
  5. This is so weird, if you spray starting fluid and does not do a 1 sec start, then here is my thought process: it is not fuel as you just manually sprayed some, timing is verified, and you saw spark/light with the tester, so far so good...Then, I would still question if the spark is strong enough, get another new spark plug to be 110% sure. I had a new park plug once which was faulty. You get only a single piston cycle start, firing for 1 sec, when you spray fluid, or no start at all??
  6. MBlake, did you figure it out?, I was curious how doable it is as well : ). It blows me away with some people's responses, "do it the right way" "buy a book"... bla-bla-bla... , we are on this forum because we are a DIY type of person that bends the rules some times and don't want to do it "the right way" , and do it without a book. Instead, we want to do it the alternative way that does the same job. ..
  7. Lot's of good info, Numroe, thx!!! ... I will PM you for the suspension info.
  8. Yep, it is my first 450 bike, I like it a lot and I also found out that it is light compared to other bikes. Not to deviate from the topic, but what did you do to yous to make it handle better. I have been taking it MX tracks but I am newbie so can't tell what is what yet : ) ..., I will follow your recommendations on what to test and how. New pilot jet, a? hmm..OK! I can try that! thx!!!
  9. It is an 06 kx450f. I tried turning the idle screw while the issue was present and the bike hot, and it will instantly lower the rpms, but then if I play with the throttle rpms continue to hang high on and off. I will follow your steps and try again. I am still waiting for the easy adjust fuel screw. I can't believe how sunken in the oem screw is, how are you supposed to tune it without the after market long knob?? Thx!
  10. Yes, that is the one. Basically a bigger, heavy, gutless scooter. Nevertheless, I was the only kid in the neighborhood with a bike at that time, so I got very popular as I was letting anyone ride it : ) lol
  11. Believe it or not the woodruff key sheering off the flywheel has happened to me on a very old German bike I had when I was 15yo. I bet none of you have heard of this beast , it is 1964 Simson kr51 made in East Germany, I had stripped it dowh, removed fenders, etc.. to make it sportier! lol... . We could not find parts so we had to make the key ourselves. Yes, check that!.. , you have done everything else.
  12. I had similar issue on two separate engines , one my generator which was brand new, and 2nd my lawn mower. I know , i know, hold on..., in both cases it was the spark plug. Yes, I was getting spark but how do you know it is good. If you have not purchased a new spark plug one, you don't know for sure! Your starter fluid test is a good one to eliminate few things. My generator was brand new with a weak spark plug from the factory. Anyway..., this is my 2 c.
  13. Tested the bike yesterday, the new spark plug did not do it. I have ordered the easy fuel screw knob , waiting to arrive so that I can easily tweak it and test that theory. FYI, I noticed that my bike has the Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump with the adjustable leak jet screw. The previous owner must have installed it - score!: ))!. I did not think it is involved in the high idle but messed with it a little and it did not do any good to my problem. My idle will sometimes calm down if I twist the throttle quickly few times, and subsequent twists may bring it up again.
  14. cool! good job!
  15. So you just adjusted the valves, that fixed it??