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  1. Pump gas. I have heard of instances where race gas has caused trouble in KTM minis, so we run pump gas.
  2. MX racing. He's first in 3 classes and pretty fast. We,ve logged several hundred hours at this ratio with no problems on vertex or oem pistons.
  3. We've been running 60:1 HP2 in KTM minis for years. It's their recommendation
  4. Can anyone give me some suggestions on tuning the suspension on my son's KTM 65 & 85. Setting the sag is simple, but how can I read what the bike is doing, as he rides, to make sure the compression and rebound is where it needs to be?
  5. Try a few more teeth
  6. Looks like metal coming up from the bottom end. Maybe a circlip or some remains from the previous cylinder.