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  1. The engine ran awesome. The gearbox just kept popping out of gear and felt like neutral out of 5 gear. really scary lol. Sounds promising then if it is an fcr carb woooh. How much these things typically sell for?
  2. I have a drz400 that I bought that has nothing but issues shifting but engine itself felt powerful and nothing like my friends drz400. I was told it had an fcr39 carb. Is this correct or did the previous owner lie about that too... I'm parting the bike out and I dont want to say its an fcr 39 carb if it really isn't. Looking forward to getting a new drz400 Thanks!
  3. Yes I do, I have trouble finding neutral when its running too.
  4. Hey guys, I don't mean to doubt you guys but I have a quick question. I'm trying to research the shift drum. I guess its behind the clutch basket. I have a slight rattle sound behind on the right hand side of the engine opposite side of where I worked on the stator. I drove the bike and at certain times I had a hard time getting it into any gear. Might I be looking at this shift drum as a possible cause for my issues. I can tell by the damage on the LHS cover that its been dropped on the shifter a couple times. I've read that the shifter drum has a c-clip that can fall off causing shifting issues and hard to find neutral which seems to be what I'm experiencing... I'm not having any luck finding any more info about it. One person said that you remove the RHS cover, remove clutch basket and should look right there. Thanks any input is highly appreciated!
  5. What tires and sizes are those? I like.
  6. Yea I got ripped off my jeep was worth 5k on a bad day. thousands in suspension, axles, gears, lockers. Ugly but never really got stuck or broke down. oh well, in 1 year i only put 1k miles had constant overheating issues and leaky headgasket even after engine rebuild. Even though the bike only halfway works I'm still having a lot of fun lol
  7. So i took the bike out for a drive today. I know it sounds weird i know its still not supposed to be this way but... It seems the more aggressive i drive it the better it likes to hold gears. I'm not used to driving a bike so I can't really rely on ear to tell me roughly how high my rpms are. I also dont want it to pop out of gear if I'm on what sounds high rpms sounds like disaster waiting to happen. Any input?
  8. I don't want to tear it apart. From what I've been reading it could cost up to like 2 grand to rebuild an engine/gearbox thats super expensive for a bike I can buy new for 6.5 If its too bad I'll try and go with a used engine or just get another bike altogether and swap parts. Kinda bummed out because this one has a big bore kit on it supposedly. What can cause the flywheel to hit my stator like it did in the above picture? I'm kind of afraid of putting it back together because I don't want have to buy another stator to get this thing to run...
  9. So I drained the oil on the engine, I got a full 3 qts off of it from the engine itself. I still haven't drained whats on the frame or oil filter area. I thought spec on the drz400 was 1.9 qts? I adjusted the clutch but the lever feels sloppy/loose. The drive sprocket is tight doesn't feel loose, seal isn't leaking.
  10. How much would it cost to split the case and replace shift forks on the drz if that were the issue? Replace synchros too or are they non synchro, gears, bearings? I'm a heavy equipment mechanic but I have zero knowledge on bikes and no special tools for bikes. I'm pretty sure that I have to do some extensive clutch adjustments. I was looking at more videos and my clutch lever has zero free play even when I loosen up the adjustment and lock nut by the clutch lever... Thats my home tool box and that is the engine that I had put on my jeep that I traded.
  11. Shift a little harder? It did feel like the shift lever was a little high. When I reassemble it I will position the shift lever a little lower for my size foot.
  12. It feels like it pops into neutral but if I shift up again it will go back to high gear. I can take a pic of flywheel tomorrow. How common is it for the flywheel to contact the stator? I don't want to be out another 235 for another stator.
  13. Hey guys I traded my perfectly running jeep for a disaster and hopefully I can get some insight from you guys. The previous owner told me everything was ok. Never ridden a bike before I took his word for it. First mistake I loaded up to the truck and drove home. I took it for a test drive the next morning after I bought all my gear and did a lot of youtube searches on how to ride. I was shifting it to 4th gear and sometimes it would feel like itd slip out of gear. it would rev but nothing would happen. I replaced the battery because it had a hard time starting for a while. I checked the charging system, came to the conclusion that the stator was bad so I bought a ricky stator. I was replacing it when I noticed a bolt was missing behind the small gear where the starter turns it. I removed the cover and found out the 2 flywheel bolts were missing! I went on suzuki website ordered 2 flywheel bolts and case bolt. Now my question is. The stator was a little damaged and the flywheel had some scoring on the surface. Will it be ok to run it or do I have to get a whole new flywheel now too? Kind of bummed out because I haven't really ridden it but I bought all the riding gear, got my motorcycle permit and now its just sitting in my garage. What should I look for when it comes to popping out of gear feeling