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  1. I meant battery powered transportation.
  2. Put the engine back together [emoji857][emoji1]
  3. The electric motor hasn't taken over any form of transportation, and there's nothing indicating it will in the next 50 years, if not ever. Take formula E for example, they made a separate series because they can't compete with f1 cars. Electric racing is boring, too, who wants to watch a glorified RC car race? As for the Rekluse auto clutch, it is good for prolonging your clutch plates life.
  4. Just cut trim half the fork guard away and you'll save money and time
  5. Usually I only power wash my gear and bike at the same time. I'll probably try to keep my new helmet clean for a few weeks of riding, but the first sight of damage I'll just give up lol
  6. I've never been able to take care of my helmets, I don't crash that often, thankfully, my friends have broken more of my helmets more than I have lol. This is the helmet I'm upgrading from
  7. Typical helmet designs just seem too ordinary in my opinion. The fox v3 le stood out to me, but not in an obnoxious way.
  8. Yep, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I loved my old fox v1 a lot, so I figured I'd stick with them. It's not the greatest helmet, but it's a helmet that I find comfortable, safe and good looking.
  9. Well, the safety features on the fox v3 are top of the line, as well as the weight being no problem, either. My second choice was the airoh aviator, it costs $400 for a solid colour, with the same technology as the fox. If I bought a solid colour helmet and paid for a custom paint job, that would be cheaper, but, for a few hundred dollars more I'm getting a high quality paint job and a limited edition helmet.
  10. That would be a lot cheaper. But, the outcome would be questionable.
  11. I'm assuming the paint job is done with high end products, it should last forever.
  12. I bought it from Rocky Mountain atv/mc.com. But you could get it $300 cheaper if you buy it on ebay or chaparral
  13. I've always had a habit of making sure my cables have slack for turning properly. I never had an issue with worn out vin numbers, though. I think you can take your bike into a dealer and have it re-engraved.
  14. Yeah nothing to worry about. Your vin is only missing 2 characters, anyone that looks at the registration won't doubt it's your bike.
  15. I bought a new helmet, a fox v3 le. It's pretty nice, I only got it because it's gold hahaha, and it matches my goggles. Was going to go with the airoh aviator, but they were all so similar at that price range, the only differences were the styles. I have to admit, I'm slightly disappointed with a few aspects of it, for instance, the cheek pads poke my head whilst I put the helmet on. Also, the build quality of this, hand made helmet, is noticeably inferior to my 2007 fox v1. The paint job is the reason I bought it, though. I actually don't want to put a sticker on the helmet, anywhere, It's like the sistine chapel of helmets, and covering it with stickers would be a crime. I give it 9/10