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  1. It has a brake and tail light stock.
  2. Adam ES

    Acerbis Uniko Guards For Woods?

    I would just get some cheap wrap around guards to protect the levers from damage when the bike is dropped if it’s a loaner bike. I run flag style on my bike, they offer no protection , I only run to keep limbs/brush from grabbing my brake and clutch levers, they also keep my hands a little warmer in the cold.
  3. Adam ES

    Please help me decide on a new Beta

    Yeah stock springs I’m 160 w/o gear seem to be in the right range or close anyways.
  4. Adam ES

    Please help me decide on a new Beta

    I would get the 18 if it’s only 200 more, yeah the no kicker kinda sucks but lighter better clutch seems worth it. Forks are preference. I go back and forth on what I think I would like. I have a 17 with OC. When I decide to trade in I will get the CC so I can truly Decide what I like better. For now I’m making my OCs work stock only clicker adjustments. They can soak up more then they get credit for. And 120hrs OI and no issues.
  5. Adam ES

    Tell me about my 08 fsr 515

    The Evans will be the next step. I got an open mso with it so if I can get a plate it will be a keeper.
  6. Adam ES

    Tell me about my 08 fsr 515

    Thanks for the reply rick. I had it out for a pretty decent ride today. It will definitely be eating some tires, and it handled surprisingly well on some mostly flowing single track considering my main ride is a 300rr. It did seem to run awfully hot even at a medium pace. I'm thinking maybe that's part of the reason why the original owner was parting with it. The header pipe is really close to the left radiator, I attempted to gently pry it up and put some heat wrap around the header seemed to help some what.
  7. Adam ES

    Tell me about my 08 fsr 515

    Sorry posted from my phone didn't mean to put the pics like that.
  8. Adam ES

    Tell me about my 08 fsr 515

    Hey guys I just traded for a 08 fsr 515, I know nothing about and there doesn't seem to me much info out there about it I was hoping some Gas Gas guru could educate me. This thing is mint an acclaimed 10hrs on it, but if you seen it I would say it's true, original tires, not a spoon mark on the rims. marker on the bolts from the factory setup. Any way I have about 20 min of ride time on it and I seemed to like it. What did Gasgas design this bike for? Enduro? Mx, deserts suspension seemed to be valved a little stiff for enduro. Are these bikes reliable? I'm thinking about keeping it as I like to wheel and deal, I just don't want to be stuck with a garage ornament. Hell it even came with a ecu programmer. Anything you could tell me would be appreciated I just wanna know what I have got here thanks.
  9. Adam ES

    How to 2 stroke hill climb?

    Not making it is and getting back down is a skill it's self. You gotta know when your not going to make it. When you lose your momentum and the front wheel is coming up and you have no control pull the clutch and lay it down turning the bars away from the hill and hold on to it. I've had to inch myself and my bike down sliding on my butt and holding on to the bike. If your stalled and siting on the bike get off and let the front end swing around facing down hill and hop back on and ride it down or walk it if you have too. If the hill is too steep you just have to ask yourself if it's worth the risk, you can go from a hero to a zero real quick.
  10. Adam ES

    XT vs. RR, for those who have ridden both

    I got a trials bike to learn technique. It helped a a lot. What was nice was I lived in town and could practice in my yard without stirring up my neighborhood. You can have fun on a trials bike with out much space. Just being able to come home from work a playing around the yard for a bit was great. Now I live in the sticks so I just pull out the RR and my trials bike usually sits. I also have an Xt and don't ride it, I can do anything on my RR that I can the Xt.
  11. Adam ES

    How to 2 stroke hill climb?

    It depends on the length of the climb. spool the engine up at the bottom and slowly decrease rpm as you go up, feather the clutch as needed. I like to see how short of a run up I can use to make climb. If it's crazy steep to the point your going head over heals if you don't make it you need momentum to hold you to the hill. A very good practice is to find a hill you are comfortable with, one you can easily make and go a few feet up and stop on it. Don't use your brakes to keep you from rolling backwards but in stead use your clutch don't use either brake. Slip your clutch to keep you at a standstill, go up a few feet and repeat. See how slow you can climb the hill. When you get that hill down step it up to a steeper one. The objective is minimal wheel spin and maximum traction. You would be surprised what a bike can crawl up. Also find a mild incline and use no clutch roll up at an idle and see how low of rpm your bike will go before it stalls out, and let it stall!then do it again until you find the lowest amount of only throttle it takes to get up it, that will give you a feel for what your bike can do. It works man, I've got a good 15+ years of riding experience but it was Mx and faster paced riding, the last few years I've been practicing enduro/trials riding and I've improved 1000%, before I would climb hills wide open head over the bars basically out of control.
  12. Adam ES

    2010 gasgas 280 txt econo

    I have a 09 raga edition 300 which is basically a 10 RYP USA sells after market shocks. My shock is shot as well I believe they are Olle shocks and from the info I have gotten your better off getting rid of it and buying a better shock.
  13. Adam ES

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    The 18 updates are appealing, I want to see if the 19 updates are enough motive to make the move. I might just hold off for awhile not sure yet. I'm sure I can make my OCs work if I need too. I love my Beta, the only thing I would trade it for is a better Beta.
  14. Adam ES

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    I'm getting anxious, thinking about trading my 17 300rr for 19, mainly to give the CC forks a shot, my buddy has been hassling to do some harescrambles with him. I've been content with my OC forks but I mostly do slower technical rides.
  15. Most of the blokes I ride with are down to earth and realistic. Right? Some of these comments, its like telling your kids they will go to hell if they have a beer.