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  1. Looks great I am slowly building a track myself, In the woods. It might of already been covered on here but lay it out first ride it, make sure it kind of flows, make sure you don't have slow down for a jump. I like jumps right out of the corner when your accelerating hard. If it's after a long straight you may over shoot or have to brake before the jump, an inexperienced riders may go over the bars wihile decelerating on a jump. Looking forward to pics of the track.
  2. Not done yet, I got a black supermoto style fender to put on. Probly gonna put on a slip on pipe to give it a better tone and get rid of that ugly muffler, oversized rotor kit maybe the brakes are terrible. Thought about a paint job but idk it's pretty damn clean. 14k miles, paid 1400$ for the bike, I got under 200$ in it including the tires.
  3. It's probably more of a preference deal, but I didn't care for the power delivery. Smooth yes, but too smooth lacked the hit of a 2 stroke. We where riding faster paced trails. I felt like I had to ring its neck like a 125 too get the power I wanted out of it. I'm not trying to hate on the bike it's good, I just didn't mesh with it. I don't even know if that's because of the tpi, but It left me in fear that all FI 2t bikes will be like that.
  4. I hope not either, my buddy got one and he wanted me to try it. The whole time I just wanted my bike back. I can see some people wanting for the jetting, but I will hold off for awhile before I go that route.
  5. Same here.
  6. Got one in the making I know this is an old post. But I will post pics. 06 klr. Inspired by your bike.🤙 parts are on order.
  7. You still using OI I am just asking, 17 300. 75 hrs. Still using mine everyone talks like I'm an idiot.
  8. Hey guys I've been debating on letting my 09 Raga edition 300 go. I'm not sure what to ask out of it. I need some extra cash to buy some tools. Any ideas? Trials bikes are hard to find around here and probably hard to sell.
  9. Sounds like the OP is mistaken a Beta for a ktm, with starter and fork issues.
  10. I have a pv shim from my JD kit. I do not intend to use it just message me I will send it to you. I will never use it.
  11. Thanks for the tips I will stay stock sized. I will just have to research some different tires to see what will fit my terrain. Might check out those Michelin t63's.
  12. i guess I will just keep on practicing 🤙
  13. I'm looking for this answer too. I've been practicing slow wheelies for awhile now, I do good till I start to fall left or right. I noticed some guys use their legs for balance and some like Tim Coleman seem to keep his feet on the pegs and uses his upper body which I like because he doesn't uncover his rear brake. I don't know how to practice that part. I practice balance on two wheels but how do I practice side to side on one wheel vertical? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. I picked up a 06 klr 650, I was about to order some tires. I was wondering if a 150 would clear on the back, and a 100 on the front? I have seen a few sets marked 4.0 (example) what would be the 150 comparison in that measuring system? Thanks I'm looking for stability on the loose gravel roads that I live on.