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  1. [emoji1303][emoji108]
  2. YZ 250x would have been a great combo bike.
  3. Sounds like you had the perfect bike and down graded.
  4. Like Criggs said I've had a power valve on a yz break different design but similar symptoms check out that pv assembly. Other than that no clue. Good luck.
  5. I followed the first page of the thread but anyway, I have had a trials bike for about 1.5 years now. I try pretty damn hard to learn the proper techniques on it mainly for cross training purposes. I felt like I wasn't doing anything better on my 300rr besides balance. Until I rode with some guys at a local park, random pple, I went there solo and they where trying the technical stuff I was. We talked and I rode with them, 30 min into the ride they asked me if i did trials riding. I got a big smile a said Yeah. Guess it paid off some but still a long ways too go... trials is fun wish I would have started along time ago.
  6. I gotta little time on a husky tpi as well good bike but I felt it was lacking in power, compared to 2502t I have rode in the past.
  7. I just put a fatty on my 300rr. Can't wait to try it out.
  8. XT 300 all the way, it hits nothing like that Ktm or Yz. it rides like a 4 stroke. It's an xt it's a the cross breed of a trials bike and a dirtbike. Mostly dirtbike. Gobs of torque plenty of hp for the nastiest trails but yet easy to manage. I have a XT, 300rr, 250sx, GG 300txt trials bike. The xt is by far the easiest bike to ride in the bunch.(with the exception of the GG)but you won't be going very fast on that and who wants to stand all the time. I will be ride a XT when I'm your age or at least I hope I will be.
  9. Keep the bike you got. Changing brands is not going to make you a better ride. Don't go to a 250 till you have surpassed that 125. A 125 is capable of a lot off things. It will make you a better rider. You will learn better clutch control, and force you to learn better technique to make up for the lack of power in order to be faster.
  10. Sounds like you need a klr 650 with a gun holder and luggage racks for your ak47 and ammo. Maybe some MREs
  11. I do remember the Atks, canondales, and I've seen Harleys. And help me out here a vormati some thing like that, pretty sure that wasn't American but what happened to that thing I remember reading about that in dirt bike mag years ago.
  12. Yeah so many of those on the track, I've always wondered the same thing. If they there was a U.S bike it would be like a Harley way over rated and a lot of posers riding them.
  13. I've been thinking about a Beta trials bike. For one I have a dealer fairly close and second I have a Beta 300rr and absolutely love it. I wouldn't question the quality one bit. I'm just not sure about that left side kick.
  14. Just go to Rypusa.com, call them and talk to them, I do when I have questions about my bike and they are really helpful, doesn't matter if I'm buying parts or not.
  15. You might be able to buy a S3 head and a low compression insert in your beta 270 it might tame it to the level your wanting and go back to stock when ready.