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  1. oneadem12

    YFM50 brakes

    I was wondering if anyone had advice for me on adjusting the brakes on my sons Raptor 50. I change the shoes no problem. I dont have any binding or overheating etc. The main issue I have is that the handle itself is still pretty stiff for him to operate. I turned the adjustment screw/locknut near the lever to be as loose as I can. Is there some other way to adjust the tension? These are simple cable operated drum brakes. I saw a spring and nut on the back side of the drum where the cable connects but didnt know if that was adjustable. The brakes work well its just a pretty tough pull for a 5 year old. Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. oneadem12

    Carb inlet

    I use the OEM parts guide on rocky mountain atv.com. It has full diagrams of most bikes and you can order the parts by clicking on the diagram. If all else fails you can call them and they will look it up for you. sometimes I have been wrong about year of my bikes so I always double check the vin number too before I order parts.
  3. oneadem12

    Intermittent Leaky Carb

    yee freakin ha! I replaced the float needle even though it appeared ok. I checked the float height according to the service manual spec (8mm) and it was really hard to see but it did appear to be too large. I adjusted the tab on the float and both of those together seem to have fixed the issue. Thanks all.
  4. oneadem12

    Intermittent Leaky Carb

    Thanks so much. I really appreciate the advice.
  5. So I have been chasing a carb that leaks off and on - more on than off on my 04 YZ250F. I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the carb. Im sure its clean. I have not replaced the float or needle. Sometimes tapping the carb helps. Im wondering if people have an opinion on how best to debug this. Should I simply start with a new float and needle? Testing the float by pushing it up with the float bowl off does stop the flow of gas but that doesnt mean its working when the bowl is on. I also floated the float in some liquid so I know there isnt a hole in it. It really only leaks when I stop the bike and the petcock is open so I could just live with it. I thought it just needed to be cleaned. I am also concerned about orientation of the Accelerator pump diaphragm. I wasn't quite sure when I reassembled it if I had it in the right orientation. Im not sure that would cause a fuel leak from the float bowl. Any suggestions would really be appreciated.
  6. oneadem12

    07 yz250f rear wheel lacing,need help!

    I know this is an old post...This helped me today Thanks. One more point..inside means lower holes while outside means upper. Once I got this point I was able to lace up a new rim in like 5 min.
  7. oneadem12

    Rust on carb bolts

    So is the rust an issue I should be looking to swap out the bolts or replace the entire carb? its a used bike so I'm sure someone used pump gas. I use EtOH free and treat the gas.
  8. I have a YZ250F with a standard FCR Keihin carb. Inside the carb below the float the bolts holding body of the carb together are rusted. They are oozing small amount of rust inside the float area. Im wondering if these are something I could replace to get rid of the rust. Im not sure how they could be rusty perhaps the previous owner left the carb sit too long. Just wanted to make sure this wasnt an obvious sign I need a whole new carb or perhaps something I should not touch (since I have not opened a carb beyond this point). I inserted a pic, this isnt my carb but it shows the bolts I am concerned about.
  9. oneadem12

    Yamaha YZ250F (2004)


    Solid 250 even though its a four stroke.
  10. oneadem12

    Yamaha YZ250F 2004

    Solid 250 even though its a four stroke.
  11. oneadem12

    Carb "mod"

    I appreciate it. thanks for the help. I thought the throttle felt a little weird in the in the low end, now I know why.
  12. I opened the carb on a new craigslist bike for cleaning and was no so surprise to find some wire holding together some parts in the carb. I just could use some guidance on what his might be and what should be done about it. I assume this wire should not be here of course. I have attached a photo. This is on the accelerator side of the carb. The schematic says its a "link lever"- parts ~65-70 on the diagram. The application is 2004 YZ250F that I have pretty much 99% restored to awesome. Wondering if this carb issue is something that can be fixed or if this is a "go get a new carb" problem. Thanks!