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    Central Florida Mx

    Can we camp? I'd pretty much have just a truck an a bike, would love a place like this on my way down to Florida to check out since I'm from Michigan and we've got 3 ugly feet of snow now. Doesn't stop me tho (; Thanks -John
  2. benzo fury

    Winter jetting?

    Yea I ment the slide needle. Thanks I'll give that a shot an see what happens
  3. benzo fury

    Winter jetting?

    I hear ya, I just blow past the sleds, once I hit a road good luck keeping up with my studs. I just dint do it because the DNR. Already hates me and I don't need anymore reasons so I only ride non official snowmobile trails and backroads. Its fun even tho it's cold.
  4. benzo fury

    Winter jetting?

    Thank you. I 'll see what MJ is in it and bump it up a few. Pretty sure you answered my question. I like to know that kind of stuff.Is the needle important to change or can i just adjust it a few clips? Thanks again and will it be good to atleast 10 degrees even at wfo?
  5. benzo fury

    Winter jetting?

    Previous owner was doing 32:1 so that's what i do but it still has his gas in it. I suppose I could do 50:1 when I fill up next time to save a bit of oil I guess and get the base jetting right on the mark for this season. I will take everyone's advise into consideration and I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.I will also buy a few jets and pilots to see what works.
  6. benzo fury

    Winter jetting?

    Well I think the jetting is pretty fat inv the middle because the prev owner said in 80+ degrees weather in need to readjust the air screw. So I might be okay if i ride easy but it's just so risky to me. Might go bigger on the pilot atleast and see what needle its got. Thanks for replying.
  7. benzo fury

    Light setups

    My buddy ran one of these LEDs http://r.ebay.com/vWaQRU on an XR600r, and a few friends run them on their banshees and raptor 700s now because their just stupid bright, cheap, and take a real beating being sealed and alluminum. Check them out. I love mine so much I bought one for all my rides and 4 more for my jeep. Good lights and come with mounts. You may have to come up with something clever to mount it on a bike tho, I just made a simple sturdy bracket for the mount. $35 for 2 of them is a great deal. Even cheaper if you buy more. Mine have lasted for a couple hard years so far, no problems and my bikes easily pushed the 60watts when Riding.
  8. benzo fury

    Winter jetting?

    Thanks for the reply but I will not continue to ride it. I blew up my 2001 cr250 in mid spring and it was in the high 30s and low 40s and I'm gonna ride it hard... But I will say the Honda was from California (had a green sticker) so maybe they didn't change the jetting when it was brought to Michigan? and Im 99% sure it was stolen unfortunately too (no title and found out the vin wasnt there either... I rebuilt it tho and sold it, cost me $500 an I'd like to avoid this happening. Jetting can't be hard and you can only run them so lean till they burn up from what I've experienced. Now if your talking about a 4 stroke then you don't have rejet it at all. But maybe your right... Idk maybe I got wrong info from a max power freak or something. I just wanna ride it... I don't need all the power in the world, I just don't want her to blow up when I'm just cruising around since I just got it.Thanks for the info tho, I'll do some extra research on that.
  9. benzo fury

    Winter jetting?

    Hi everybody, New guy here. I bought my first ktm (2000 300exc) recently, ridden my whole life and live In Michigan so we get pretty cold snowy winters and I just can't put it away. So before I blow it up, what kind of jetting should I be running or start at? I'll almost always be about 1000ft above sea level and ride anywhere from 0-30 degrees. Gas is at a 32:1 ratio. Has a new motor top & bottom and pretty much stock other than a fatty pipe. If there is some sort of chart or database I couldbe led to that would be great. But any tips and tricks for a new guy would go a long ways. I'm going to stud it up today, only going to ride icy back roads and some really packy sled trails when i get a chance to. Thank you all. I'm really looking forward to actually get a good ride in on her since I just got off a modded XR628r last year so this is a whole nother beast to me. Would appreciate any help. Thank you. [emoji3]
  10. benzo fury

    Drag Race: 300XCW vs CR250R

    I agree.And this is my v8 killer (; Modded awd 98 Volvo v70r 5cyl turbo. Gotta love a sleeper, even if it don't look as cool. Haha On a side note, picked up my first ktm the other day, 2000 300exc, setting her up for winter riding right now! Love your mustang, I liked all my Ford's.