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  1. tyson_massullo

    Dc plastics bad choice

    Yes the only reason i bought dc plastics is I could not find anyone with the acerbis tank in stock at the time.
  2. tyson_massullo

    Dc plastics bad choice

    I personally think their stuff just isn’t that great.
  3. tyson_massullo

    Dc plastics bad choice

    Had the exact same thing but I bought a fuel tank for an old 1990 Yz250 I was working on. The holes for the shrouds to mount on were even in the wrong spots
  4. tyson_massullo

    LB7 duramax vs 6.0 powertroke?

    Go with the duramax I have one it's a 02 and it's a great truck I had the injectors replaced under warranty and have never had a single problem with it!
  5. tyson_massullo

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Washed mine and changed the gas tank