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  1. Project bike I got for 500$
  2. Need to know if their are any other swingarms I can use on a 1997 cr250 problem is a broke off chair tensioner bolt that also has a broke off extractor bit in it so I am stuck in the mud on forward progress.
  3. Ya got a sheared off chain tensioner bolt than broke an extractor off in it so idk gotta find a new swing arm
  4. So at the Honda shop do u have any swing arms laying around. Also is there any other years the cross over for the swing arm or is 97 specific
  5. Thanks CRjohnny
  6. Thanks man tons of help be able to put the top end on tomorrow
  7. Lucky
  8. Copy that looks like it is about time to clean yours lol
  9. So hold it in up position and set the bolt after cylinder is installed
  10. Crank seals are done jetted for sea level where it’s ridden
  11. How do u properly adjust the power valve. Just had my jug re coated got a new piston and rings. Haven’t been able to find an accurate instruction on adjustment of power valve.
  12. Alright 2 strike guys I need help..... how do I adjust the power valve on my 1997 cr 250 I just had the jug redone and I’m ready to reinstall just need some power valve help
  13. since I'm waiting on the cylinder to be resurfaced figured I'd do a little frame polish
  14. How in the hell do I get these studs out I tried the double but truck heat pb blaster. Are they pressed in?
  15. The dark spots are score from the old piston not carbon Yes that is all and some plastics but that's it