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  1. lc98

    DR motor swap

    All dr200 engine's with the electric start will fit your frame, the earlier motors with out electric start will still fit but you will have to make a new front braket.
  2. lc98

    DR200 engine up grade (NZ)

    well iv done a bit of searching and got my self a gn/gz250 engine/electrics and carb for $715 including shipping. the next thing is the header pipe, will a early 80s dr250 pipe fit? open to all answers.
  3. lc98

    DR200 engine up grade (NZ)

    Yea that's the problem living here there's not a lot in the way of spare parts for dr250/350/650 so it's first in first served. But I'll probably do the conversion of the motor and the suspension/brakes later on in the next 5 years in that time I'll collect parts up for it.
  4. lc98

    DR200 engine up grade (NZ)

    If I look around for a front end from a dr250, modify the rear suspension with another shock and a rear wheel from a dr250 it should work it just involves making the two different bikes fit and work properly that's why I've stuck with Suzuki because a lot of there bikes use very similar or the same parts.
  5. lc98

    DR200 engine up grade (NZ)

    Yea it's annoying that there is not alot for them even though they have been around for 25 years with out little change, that's why I am looking at sticking a early modle dr250 or a gn250 motor in as they look to have similar mounting points or go all out and jam a drz250/400 in or even a dr650 motor in.
  6. lc98

    DR200 engine up grade (NZ)

    Yes I could sell it but it's only worth $950 and to get a decent bike say a 250,350,400 I would be paying 2,000 and up. The big bore kit is out of the question as I've asked Suzuki if it's possible to do this and they said that the engine is at the limit at 199cc. The carb idea would be a good idea as the one on there needs a rebuild some point, but still if it does not add horsepower it won't be any good for my uses as I use it to go to work plus use it for farm and fun it just needs that but more that a 250 has as it struggles to do what I need it too. And motors are cheap here compare to a complete bike.
  7. lc98

    DR200 engine up grade (NZ)

    Since these are farm bikes here in nz there is thousands of used ones that are cheap and easy to get plus the motor in this bike is not the greatest ether. So all I'm wondering would any dr/drz engines fit the frame with little effort I might not even pull the motor out this one in the pic i might find a rolling frame.
  8. lc98

    DR200 engine up grade (NZ)

    I'm looking at upgrading the old DR200 as it has been a great Lerner bike but now I'm far more experienced it's just to underpowered so I was wondering what engine out of the dr/drz range would fit the frame of a dr200? I've looked at other bikes but to get a good running one I would have to pay more then I have so I thought for quarter of the price I can get a bigger engine and put it in, i know if I do I'll need to make new brackets.