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  1. rainmaker8

    Motorcycle Suspension Tuners: Stillwell or LT?

    I'm going with Enduro Spec MXT cartridge inserts ... '16 250RR. Because they simply insert and replace the internals (using stock springs) it potentially saves some down time and cost too. Hope to report back soon! https://www.endurospec.com/store/p30/MXT%2FEnduro_Spec_Sachs_Cartridge_System.html
  2. Oh no! Say it isn't so... https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/alta-motors-ceases-operations/
  3. rainmaker8

    Rockland County Ny

    Ulster County NY...
  4. rainmaker8

    Closest areas to ride near nyc?

    look up Quarry Run in Hancock NY in summer or Pine Barrens 500 event for easy routes or Hammer Run for small bikes in NJ usually late Oct or early Nov
  5. rainmaker8

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    I have a 701 stored in Sonoma when I visit family... it would be cool to meet up next time I'm there!
  6. rainmaker8

    Best trails in/around Eastern New York?

    MA also has many trails, just check out their ATV regulations
  7. rainmaker8

    Any riders in the NY Capital District?

    Hilltown is open again
  8. rainmaker8

    ALTA Redshift EX. The electric off-road weapon

    Distance=? I skipped to the end but never heard anything about it....
  9. rainmaker8

    2017 Alta Redshift electric MX bike

    Awesome! What is the longest distance of "average" trail riding an Alta will go? I mean having fun and twisting the power for sure but not "race pace"... many dual sport events in my area go about 70 miles to halfway break which would be a potential opportunity to charge it, if it would make it that far...?
  10. rainmaker8

    What would a 30hp Alta weigh?

    So what is the longest distance range anybody has achieved on a fully charged Alta?
  11. rainmaker8

    ALTA Redshift EX. The electric off-road weapon

    I'm eager to get one! Is the range better or worse than advertised for the average trail rider (not racing)? Many dual sport events go about 70 miles to lunch or "gas"... the articles claim 40 - 60 for electric... do I stash a generator at the midpoint and conserve or is 70 miles on a full charge impossible?
  12. rainmaker8

    Any riders in the NY Capital District?

    Watching from Kingston area... maybe join you on occasion.
  13. rainmaker8

    Replacement wheels

    KTM rear wheel should fit but with cut spacers down about 1mm each side and using Beta brake disc. The KTM front seemed to fit fine... but don't hold me to that as I haven't run it much for prolonged use. Test for yourself.
  14. rainmaker8

    Fender Eliminator Options

    Somebody on FB group mentioned that the Honda CRF-X is the same LED tail brake light as the later model RR
  15. rainmaker8

    Anyone riding in Hudson valley ny?

    So neither one is plated? makes it even tougher ...